Honor Lost


Name: PLD2 - Honor Lost
How to begin: talk to Jenlyns Straightblade
Areas: Ul'dah, Mun-Tuy Cellars

Last quest: Paladin's Pledge
Next quest: Power Struggles

Requirements to sign up: GLA35
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon



Level: ?? (36-42)
Drops: Kple Kple, etc
Location: Mun Tuy Cellars south-west

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Old Wounds

Jenlyns: You have earned the right to call yourself a paladin. But how do others treat you? Do they recognize you for what you are?
Remember that fancy swordplay and well-polishd armor do not make you a paladin. You must be just in your heart and strive to be an exemplar of true virtue.
Once, not so long ago, the Sultansworn could walk the streets with their heads held high. When they marched by, the smallfolk would look upon them with reverence and gratitude. And no one was more respected than the captain. My predecessor.
When I first saw him, I was still a child. My father had rpomsied to take me to a local festival, but somewhere he took a wrong turn. We became lost and stumbled into a secluded back alley. Luck was not with us, because the next moment, we found ourselves in the middle of a riot. Drunken hunters were firing arrows into the crowd, and we were caught between them. There was no way out - it was oly a matter of time before we would be struck…
That's when the captain saved us from our plight. I'd never seen a sword move so swiftly! It flashed faster tham my eyes could follow, and in seconds the hunters were on the ground or fleeing for theer lives. The captain was gone down the stret, slicing at their heels, before my father had time to thank him. Even today, I can see the captain as he was then, blood on his sword, armor impossibly bright in the sun.
After that, all I ever wanted to be was a paladin. I would practice endlessly with my sword, dreaming of bandits defeated and monsters slain. Even after I became one of the Sultansworn, the memory of the captain still inspired me - I was always the first to arrive in the training yard, and the last to leave.
And so the years passed, and before I knew it, I found myself named captain fo the Sultansworn. Yet the triumph was hollow, because by then, the honor of th Sultansworn elite, that very thing that had drawn me to the brotherhood, was a tattered vestige, like the discarded banner of a defeated foe.
There were many reasons for the fall, but the loss of Oathkeeper… Yes, that was the mortal blow.
The sword Oathkeeper was bestowed upon the first captain of the Sultansworn by the then sultan of Ul'dah. In time it became our standard, the symbol of the oaths we had sworn, and it was treasured by each new cpatain for generations. Possession was proof of Sultansworn command.
But then the unthinkable came to pass - Oathkeeper was stolen by the traitor. It shook our brotherhood to the core. How can we be trusted to protect the sultana if we cannot even hold on to the symbol of our fealty? We have been tarnished, in the eyes of ruler and ruled alike.
If the Sultansworn are to survive, we must find the traitor and recover Oathkeeper. But…the Sultansworn have grown too weak, and we cannot do it ourselves. We've been forced to recruit outsiders to help us in our cause.
I have high hopes for you, my friend. It is a great thing that we ask, and you must learn more of our secrets if you are to succeed. Out in the North Shroud, in the Mun-Tuy Cellars, hides a fiend known as an alux. A fight with such a monster would be a fine way to hone thes kills that I will teach you. What say you?
(quest accept)
Jenlyns: Yes, you have mettle in your heart. I will carve your next lesson on the crystal, and then you will be ready to battle the fiend.
…It is done. When you face an agile foe, let the crystal be your guide, and master the skills that you have learned.
The fiend invaded the Wailing Barracks, where the elite of Gridania are wont to gather. It was captured and imprisoned after growing drunk on wine and ale.
However, it managed to slip its cell and escape, despite the close attention of the guards. Unquestionably, it is a dangerous foe. Take this linkpearl, that we may stay in contact.

Quick Messages

Jenlyns: You learn quickly, paladin, and you grow stronger by the day. But your work is not yet done.

Jenlyns: Well done. You have taken the skills I taught you and made them your own. I still do not have word of where the traitor is hiding, but I will call for you the moment I do. Until then, continue your training.

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