Looking the Part


Name: WAR4 - Looking the Part
How to begin: talk to Curious Gorge by Nophica's Wells
Areas: Nophica's Wells, Widow Cliffs, Treespeak, Natalan, Cutter's Cry

Last quest: Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar
Next quest: Proof is in the Pudding

Requirements to sign up: WAR45, Looking the Part complete
Required items: -
Reward: Fighter's Breeches, Fighter's Burgeonet, Fighter's Gauntlets, Fighter's Jackboots


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Pick up the quest as usual. Below is a list of the locations of each of the treasure chests with the AF. Note that Natalan will require help of a fellow tank to draw the attention of all the mobs nearby (or you lucking out on a leveling party nearby) to let you open the chest. For Cutter's Cry, not much progression is required (the chest is very close to the entrance so you only need to clear a few rooms), so while you will be wanting a full party most likely, there is no need for anyone to be stellarly geared to get to the AF chests. Aside from that, the two others can be obtained solo with a little care.

Fighter's Burgeonet - Widow Cliffs (Craneperch Tower)
Fighter's Jackboots - Treespeak
Fighter's Gauntlets - Natalan
Fighter's Breeches - Cutter's Cry



The Lost Artifacts

Curious Gorge: Welcome again, my friend. I was wondering when your travels would bring you back this way. It just so happens that I have some exciting news.
I have finally uncovered the clues pertaining to the whereabouts of the lost rumor of my ancestors!
As it turns out, after the fallen hero cast the five pieces from the mountaintop, five of his pupils set out to recover them, intending to restore their master's name. What is more, they were actually successful in this search. However, when it came to reuniting the set, the armor's great power began to work upon their minds, and not one could bring himself to relinquish his piece.
Realizing then that their master's fatal pride was born of the artifacts' combined influence, the pupils resolved to keep the pieces separate, and to share between five the power that might otherwise have consumed one. Thus did each of them carve his own place in history. The chronicles go on to say that years later, prior to death, each of the pupils returned to the scene of his own greatest victory, and buried the artifact in his possession in a final attempt to prevent any one warrior from holding the set. And it is there that the pieces still rest.
You may be interested to know that the armor I wear is itself a replica of the set crafted by my ancestors - identical in all respects save for the arcane enchantments that adorned the original.
Now, if we were to find the pieces the chronicles speak of, what would stop us from tracing their runes and adding them to every piece of warrior equipment? That way, there would be no need to worry about a single proud fool becoming drunk on his all-surpassing power, as every warrior in the realm would be possessed of the selfsame might!
You, my friend, have walked with me nearly every step of this long journey, and it only seems fitting that I invite you to play your part in this final endeavor. If you are willing, I would have you aid me in the recovery of the lost artifacts.
You see the benefit they can bring my tribe, the benefit they can bring Eorzea. You understand the importance of ensuring my mission…our mission is a sucess!
I have marked the location of four of the pieces on your map. The fifth, I will see to while juggling my duties with the Company of Heroes and training other fledgling warriors.
The order in which you retrieve the pieces is of little import, but I must warn you: my ancestors laid them to rest in some of the most perilous parts of the realm. You would be wise to enlist the aid of your fellow adventurers before attempting to recover them.
(quest accept)
Curious Gorge: You need only lcoate the four pieces I indicated on your map. If you wish to don them, I shall not forbid it, but do so with the utmost care. You must be absolutely certain that your will is strong enough to bear their burden.

Call for Celebration

(after collecting all four pieces)
Curious Gorge: Have you located the final piece? Splendid! The set is complete once more! Come, meet me at my camp and we shall celebrate!

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