Proof is in the Pudding


Name: WAR5 - Proof is in the Pudding
How to begin: talk to Curious Gorge by Nophica's Wells
Areas: Nophica's Wells, Iron Lake

Last quest: Looking the Part
Next quest: How to Quit You

Requirements to sign up: WAR45, Looking the Part complete
Required items: ?
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Enemy list
Audhumbla, lv53

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The Biggest Challenge

Curious Gorge: So, my friend, have you tried donning the armor? Did you sense anything different? Did my ancestors lend you their strength?
The detail of these markings.. It will be difficult, but I believe with time, I will be able to reproduce them. The problem now is the final piece that I retrieved. Unlike those on your four pieces, the engravings on the cuirass fade the moment I lay my hands upon it…as if it does not accept me, does not accep tmy strength.
Perhaps it requires that I prove myself further… That we prove ourselves further.
Since our foray into the Silver Bazaar, I have sensed that something may be amiss. The Soul of the Warrior which I carry no longer speaks with me, no matter how valiant my deeds on the battlefield. After much thought, I believe the silence may be a message in itself - one telling me that I must not grow content with these petty victories.
I must ever test the boundaries of my strength, as my father and gradnfather did before me, and as my brother does even now. To deny the challenge set out by my ancestors would make me no better than the tired village elders who cower behind rock and crag while my tribe's pride fades with each passing day.
I, for one, will not suffer the fetters of fear to prevent me from surpassing my limits!
And I shall help others break free from their own chains, so that we may form a mighty alliance the like of which this world has never seen! An alliance of noble warriors, fearless and strong, trained by me in the ancient ways of my ancestors! No beastman army or imperial cannon will be able to stop us!
But first I must have the power of the armor…and to do that I must prove my worth!
Though it was I who led you to their final places of resting, I will not ask that you give your four pieces to me. Rather, I would propose a contest. A contest to show my ancestors who truly deserves to don a hundred generations of history!
The chronicles speak of a rare battle technique passed down via the Soul of the Warrior to those who have displayed peerless courage in slaying the most monstrous of foes.
I say, let us both seek out such a creature, and declare the first to defeat it and learn the last technique the keeper of the armor.
In the La Noscea highlands, deep within the caves of Iron Lake, dwells Audhumbla - one of the largest land-dwelling bestas in all of Eorzea. This shall be our prey.
(quest accept)
Curious Gorge: Then it is settled. And once I have shown my ancestors I am worthy of their praise, perhaps they will speak to me once more…

Curious Gorge: Audhumbla of Iron Lake is said to have a hide so thick that even the legendary blades of the Allagan Empire couldn't penetrate it.
But the Allagans looked solely to their weaponry for power, while I may look to the beast within! And thus shall I succeed where they failed!

The Silent Ancestors

(Iron Lake, west of Bronze Lake)
(defeat Audhumbla)
Curious Gorge: You say the ancestors spoke with you? But why? I, too, slayed a mighty buffalo, but from my soul crystal…nothing. I must have missed something in the chronicles. I need more time… I…

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