Return to Cinder

The Zanr'ak altar is used to augur the outcome of future battles between the Amalj'aa and Ul'dah, and it is Cindersoot Pegujj Chah who throws the bones. Slay the mesmerizer and see that his fortune-telling days come to a bloody end.


Name: Return to Cinder
Type: Boss
Level: 49
Location: Southern Thanalan / Zanr'ak (24,26)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Required for: Animus book Book of Netherfire I

Reward: ? exp, ~98 gil, ~281 seals
Additional Reward: -


Amalj'aa Archer
Amalj'aa Lancer
Amalj'aa Pugilist
Cindersoot Pegujj Chah


Note that while the other Amalj'aa don't give FATE progression, Pegujj Chah most likely can't be pulled without adds. Be careful about taking long killing him too, as the mob spawn rate is fast enough to drop respawns on you while you're still dealing with the FATE if you're solo.

Category: Quests


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