Robbin' Goblins

Goblin robbers have attacked a merchant en route to Gridania. Cut down the culprits and reclaim the lost crates!


Name: Robbin' Goblins
Type: Collect
Level: 29
Location: South Shroud / Silent Arbor (27,20)
Spawn: 15 min

Reward: ? exp, ? gil, ? seals
Additional Reward: -


Goblin Robber


If the FATE has spawned but isn't active yet, it can be activated by talking to the Crestfallen Merchant. The objective is to gather stolen crates and deliver them to him. The crates can be found lying on the ground in the FATE area as well as dropping from the goblin robbers.


Crestfallen Merchant: Filthy Goblins! I merely stopped to relieve myself behind one of these trees, only to find my wares missing when I returned! I am but a humble merchant, untrained in the ways of battle. Might I ask of your assistance in reclaiming my livelihood? I shall make it worth your while.

Category: Quests


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