Run Like a Flame

A flame scout caught spying on the Amalj'aa in Zanr'ak has escaped his captors and is making way to the aetheryte in Little Ala Mhigo so that he may relay his findings to the Hall of Flames. The Amalj'aa, however, are in close pursuit and will do anything to see that their secrets remain hidden. Protect the scout at all costs!


Name: Run Like a Flame
Type: Escort
Level: 26
Location: Southern Thanalan / Red Labyrinth (18,18)
Spawn: 15 min

Reward: ? exp, 52 gil, 149 seals
Additional Reward: -


Amalj'aa Bruiser
Amalj'aa Seer


If the FATE has spawned but isn't active yet, it can be activated by talking to the Flame Scout. The aim of the FATE is to escort the Flame Scout safely to Little Ala Mhigo. The distance on the map isn't much, but there are ledges that must be climbed up, and this just about doubles the journey.
While most of the FATE is straightforward and without danger, there is a point at the top of the ledge where zombies roam freely. If you head too far towards the Amalj'aa that spawn just at that location, you can and will aggro all of them.


Flame Scout: Please, you must help me. I am being hunted by the Amalj'aa and if they catch me, they will kill me.
You see, I was tasked with infiltrating Zanr'ak and stealing their battle plans, but I was caught and taken to the Bowl of Embers for tempering. However, I managed to escape when the carriage transporting me and the other slaves slipped off the road.
Though I have had somewhat of a head start, it took their battle drakes little time to pick up my scent, and now a party of pursuers is only a matter of malms away. I must get to the aetheryte at Little Ala Mhigo so I might relay my findings to the flame commander, but do not believe I can make it on my own.

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