Stopping the Shakes

Fifth Order Patriarch Ze Bu, chosen of Titan, has come to U'Ghamaro Mines to personally preside over the summoning of his lord. See the kobold returned to the earth, else the land shall be made to tremble once more.


Name: Stopping the Shakes
Type: Boss
Level: 47
Location: Outer La Noscea / U'Ghamaro Mines (23,8)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, ~94 gil, ~270 seals
Additional Reward: -


Fifrth Order Patriarch Ze Bu
U'Ghamaro Bedesman
U'Ghamaro Priest
U'Ghamaro Roundsman


This FATE is impossible to do without plentiful adds and aggro. If starting the FATE solo, take down some of the small fry first, and hope that you'll get company before being overwhelmed. Note that only Ze Bu counts for FATE progression.

Category: Quests


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