Struck Through the Heart


Name: GSM3 - Struck Through the Heart
How to begin: talk to Elecotte at Eshtaime's Lapidaries
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: F'lhaminn's Flower
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: GSM36
Required items: Bag, Pure metal ore x3, Brilliant glass shards x3, Bottle of silverwater x3, Heartstrike replica
Reward: ?


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Difficulty of parley with Sence is 4-star.

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Counterfeiter Extraordinaire

Elecotte: <Player>, you must come to Eshtaime's Lapidaries at once. it is Colbernoux, he- Please, just hurry!

(Eshtaime's Lapidaries)
Elecotte: Thank youf or coming, <Player>. I know it is sudden, but the owner of Eshtaime's has seen fit to pay us a visit. Perhaps you have heard of Lord Lolorito, of the Syndicate? He is one fo the richest men, if not the richest man, in all of Ul'dah.
In truth, he is the only reason Colbernoux has been allowed to stay on here.
And he has put a task to the guild's goldsmiths. It too concerns Colbernoux… The famed blade Heartstrike was recently the target of an attempted theft. It is valuable, to be sure, but given it was shown to have lost its magical properties some time ago, it seems a curious choice.
Still, it is in the guild's best interest to exercise caution. We take the safety of our wares and our staff extremely seriously. Will you help us to protect what is rightfully ours?
(quest accept)
Elecotte: We wish for you to assist in the large-scale production of counterfeit goods. It is a technique we sometimes employ to confound thieves attempting to steal our relics. For what better place to hide a tree than in the forest?

Elecotte: Now, as I think I mentioned, our owner Lord Lolorito is a Syndicate member - and not the sort of man anyone would want to steal from….
Yet is is he who is responsible for the safekeeping of the relic which was recently targeted - the relic in question being none other than the famed blade Heartstrike.
…Understandably, this has given us all great cause for concern.
And so we man to conceal the true Heartstrike amid a number of duplicates.
You will not want for materials. All that you require can be found in the storerooms within. Procuring it should be as simple as notifying Sence of your needs - though she has been known to require 'convincing', from time to time.

Hnaufrid: Who would wish to steal Heartstrike? All know it no longer possess the magical properties it once did. And even if one did acquire it, it is far too well-known to draw coin on the open market.
To me, that makes those treasure-groping fiends of the Company of Heroes all the more suspect. Limsa is nothing if not a nation of lackwits and dullards.

Bouchard: The Eshtaime name has a long and proud history. And the same can be said of the owner's family.
It's no accident, either. Only the most talented goldsmiths are allowed to wed into the owner's house. Sadly, the current owner's granddaughter is so revolting, he's had trouble finding suitors! Of course, you didn't hear that from me.

Lefchild: Lord Lolorito hires only the most accomplished pugilists from the Platinum Mirage to guard his private estate.
Which means the thieves who stole in without being caught must have been even more accomplished. Either that, or they were already intimately familiar with the place…

Holbubu: If you are one of us now, perhaps you should know that the last guildmaster angered the owner, and was swiftly deposed.
He was father to Niellefresne and Colbernoux, whcih makes the latter's staying on all the more interesting, if you ask me.

Sungi Kelungi: A goldsmith who doesn't know of Heartsrike is no goldsmith at all. They say that to make it one must put one's own life at risk.
Then again, the guild's histories state that the blade can only be made in a time of great war and strife…so the danger to one's life may be no mroe than that.

Dubious Activities

(enter the storage room)
Sence: I can't say I've seen you around before. Elecotte gave you leave to the storeroom, did she?
That is all well and good, bt you'll need my leave before you see a single rock. And I do not give it lightly.

Sence: Well, you are a goldsmith, to be sure. And seem to be decent enough. You have your leave.
Gather whatever materials you need, put them in this bag, and then bring the lot back to me. If everything is in order, they will be yours to take.
(Sence provides you with a bag)

Sence: Let us have a look, then. Yes, there seem to be no problems here. Just be careful not to botch any syntheses.

Sence: If that is all, then I would appreciate it if you'd leave. I may seem to be unoccupied, but I can assure you that diligently watching over the storerooms and being unoccupied look almost identical to the untrained eye.

Elecotte: You have done well, <Player>. Ironic, is it not? We seek nothing more than to preserve the integrity of the Eshtaime name, yet we do so by producing false goods.
Colbernoux! You've returned! Wherever have you been?
Colbernoux: Lord Lolorito came calling, yes? I know of his desire for me to remake Heartstirke what it was. And so I had no dseire to see him.
I know as well as any that my brothr broke the bloody thing. But penance has been paid, and more. My father lost his charge as guildmater, and Niellefresne…
Elecotte: None can deny your right to feel as you do. But still, you must do this if you are to give your brother's soul peace.
Colbernoux: Must I…?
<Player>, I find myself in need of you yet again. I'm afraid I haven't the courage to undertake this endeavor alone.
I will await you in Erralig's Burial Chamber, within Arrzaneth Ossuary.

Elecotte: Some say we will never see the like of Colbernoux's brother gain. Niellefresne's services were coveted by every self-respecting member of Ul'dah's ruling elite. He was without doubt the greatest goldsmith of his day.
But his life was taken in a dastardly act of murder - the assassin never found. For a time, Colbernoux himself was suspected… One can only imagine what he must have endured.
I never like to see Colbernoux visit his brother's grave alone. Erralig's Burial Chamber at the Arrzaneth Ossuary is such a…dark place.

Peace and Beauty

(Erralig's Burial Chamber)
Colbernoux: I see the venue was not enough to daunt you. That in itself is reassuring. Come, let us finish the deed and be done with it.
(he opens one of the sarcophagi)
Colbernoux: This…is my brother. This is - this was Niellefresne. It has been quite some time since his passing, but as you can see, his body has not decayed.
That is the power of Heartstrike at work. It is said to be able to restore the dead to life. That is the reason it has been so closely guarded over the years.
But my brother made off with it, for reasons I know not, and came here. And it was here that he…he was killed.
It was then that the sleeping powers in Heartstrike began to pulse, though the gods alone know why. That is how you come to see my brother as he is - an immaculate corpse.
I want nothing more than to send his soul to the realm of Thal, where he might find peace. Yet I know not how. I am lost, <Player>.
Those learned in these matters told me my mere presence might serve to bring about some…divine event, or I know not what. And so I have come again and again…and yet nothing.
It is all I can bear to stand here looking down at him. Gods, Nielle…

Colbernoux: I want nothing more than to send my borther's soul to the realm of Thal, where he might find peace. Yet I know not how. I am lost, <Player>.
(Use the power of the Echo)
(you see Greinfarr kneeling in front of the sarcophagus)
Colbernoux: I thought I might find you here. My brother's corpse lies unchanged, if that is what brings you.
Greinfarr: So it does.
Colbernoux: Lord Lolorito guards Heartstrike like a man possessed. The number of his guard is greater than ever. But still, I must ask - even should you manage to obtain it, what do you mean to do?
Greinfarr: Suppose I offer Heartstrike to you on a gilded platter. What then, Colbernoux? You bury it deep in your dead brother's heart to bring him his peace? Could you do that?
Colbernoux: You know I could not…
Greinfarr: Then do not speak to me of such things. He was my friend, and I will do all that I can for him. That is all you must know.
(you return to the present)
Colbernoux: There is naught else to be done.
Come, let us return to the guild.

Rumors at Work

(Eshtaime's Lapidaries)
Hnaufrid: Our current guildmaster seems to be getting on well enoguh with the owner.
It was the previous guildmaster who caused all the trouble. They say he conspired with powers in the other nations to topple Lord Lolorito and take Eshtaime's for himself.

Bouchard: People are saying the thief that stole into Lord Lolorito's estate was a Roegadyn.
Plenty were suspecting Limsa as it was. And all know they have more Roegadyn than anywhere else.

Holbubu: You visited the grave of Niellefresne? Is it true what they say? That his body still looks as it did the day he died?
Then the power of Heartstrike is at work… I like it not. It is unnatural, such sorcery. A soul should cross over to the realm of Thal, and the body should wither proper.

Lefchild: I'd swear by the Twelve that I saw Greinfarr slinking among the alleys not long ago…
He was a close friend to Niellefresne, did you know? Heir to the seat of guildmaster at the Coliseum, he was. Of course, he left Ul'dah when Niellefresne was killed.

Sungi Kelungi: The way I've heard it told, the full power of Heartstrike can only be coaxed forth by a master thaumaturge of the Order of Nald'thal.
But I've seldom found such rumors to be worth more than a mummer's fart.

Colbernoux: My thanks agian, <Player>, for your loyal service. Here, your payment.
I'm sorry, you must excuse me. I…I feel a sudden distemper. It will pass…yet grant me a few moments alone, I pray you.

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