That Which Binds Us

A local prospector believes that a high mineral content in the stones which make up golems may be what holds the creatures together, and will reward anyone who helps him prove his theory.


Name: That Which Binds Us
Type: Collect
Level: 28
Location: North Shroud / Alder Springs (17,28)
Spawn: 15 min

Reward: 9,435 exp, 56 gil, 161 seals
Additional Reward: -


Stone Golem


If the FATE has started but isn't active yet, it can be activated by talking to the Shifty-eyed Prospector. The aim of the FATE is to gather enough golem fragments and turn them in.


(When starting the FATE)
Shifty-eyed Prospector: Ye see how them golem stones is drawn to one another like a crow is to carrion? I reckon it's 'cause the stones is carryin' metal within. Fetch me a few fragments and I'll prove it!

(When turning in items)
Shifty-eyed Prospector: That big rock ye have there be takin' up an awful lot o' space in yer bag, like. Might be that I could take it off yer hands. Aye… this'll do jus' nicely. If ye happen upon any more, I'll be here a-waitin'.

(When FATE ends)
Shifty-eyed Prospector: Heh heh. I'll be takin' these fragments back to me cabin now. And don't ye think of followin' me now, either!

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