The Enmity of My Enemy

An entry on gratitude missing from their dictionaries, the surviving sylphs have flown back to the Sylphlands to gather reinforcements…and launch an attack on you! Fend off the waves of budding beastmen while seeing that the lightly armed Mianne Thousandmalm stays in the realm of the living.


Name: The Enmity of My Enemy
Type: Defend
Level: 42
Location: East Shroud / Larkscall (27,21)
Spawn: after Enemy of My Enemy completed successfully, 15 min duration

Required for: Animus book Book of Skyfire I

Reward: ? exp, ? gil, ? seals
Additional Reward: -




This FATE continues directly from the last one. The objective is to defend Mianne Thousandmalm from the sylphs for the duration of the FATE.


Coming soon

Category: Quests


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