The Mandragoras

Sensing weakness in the realm following the Calamity, five rogue vegetables (well, technically four and a fruit) have risen up to rid the land of all meat - including YOU. Cool off the Mandragoras before their verdant insurgence gains steam.


Name: The Mandragoras
Type: Boss
Level: 45
Location: Western La Noscea / Isles of Umbra (16,35)
Spawn: only for Seeds of Rebellion, 15 min duration

Required for: Seeds of Rebellion

Reward: 0 exp, 0 gil, 0 seals
Additional Reward: Stolen Foodstuffs


Eggplant Knight
Garlic Jester
Mandragora Queen
Onion Prince
Tomato King


The FATE can be started by talking to Hildibrand. It's best to take on one mandragora at a time, they will quickly overwhelm you if they can. Bring a friend or at the very least your chocobo.

Category: Quests


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