The Silent Partners


Name: LTW1 - The Silent Partners
How to begin: talk to Hereward
Areas: Gridania, Quarrymill

Last quest: -
Next quest: Designer Imposters

Requirements to sign up: LTW20
Required items: Aldgoat Leather, Damaged Wood Wailer armor, Recipe for repaired Wood Wailer armor, Repaired Wailer armor, Armor remnants x3, Recipe for Wood Wailer's jacket, Wood Wailer's Jacket
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Joining the Guild

Hereward: Taken an interest in the leather trade, have you? Come to learn what it's like to work with skin and hide?
Leatherworkin's a gods-given privilege. It's a metaphor for life itself. And it'll teach you what it means to be alive.
Happy to show you 'round the shop here, providin' you ain't wastin' my time. You are keen to learn the trade, aye?
(Are you keen to join the Leatherworkers' Guild? No, not at all keen/Yes, very keen indeed.)
Hereward: That's the stuff, lad. Open them ears, then, and I'll tell you what you need to get started.
This here's Atelier Fen-Yll. Our work's known all over Eorzea - be it craftin' new items or repairin' old ones. But that ain't all there is to bein' a leatherworker.
We make it our business to respect all things crafted by the hands of man. Just 'cause somethin' don't eat, shit, or sleep don't mean it ain't alive.
That's true Gridanian thinkin' for you, that is. You can see it in practice over at the Ebony Stalls. Just a small cluster of shops and stalls, really, overseen by Atelier Fen-Yll. A modest undertakin', but you'll find some of the best damn repairers in these parts workin' there.
Come to think, it might be just the place for you to start workin' them smooth palms of yours into…well, leather.
(qust accept)
Hereward: So be it. Lass by the name of Lalatta'll learn you first. See to it you pay her the proper respect.

Hereward: (text missing) comes to know himself - and all things. So, what say you? Care to cast your lot in with Atelier Fen-Yll? Gods know there's work enough to be done.
Your first work'll be over at the Ebony Stalls. Head that way and look for a Lalafell - goes by the name of Lalatta.
She'll start learnin' you good. Just see to it you pay her the proper respect, or you'll not be long for this guild.

Maddeline: Odd jobs around the workshop provide perfect practice for fledgling leatherworkers.
To be sure, it is important that we please our customers, but it is not for the sake of profit alone that we do what we do.

Dyrstbrod: Tell me, have you chanced to visit the Ebony Stalls?
You'll find shops aplenty there, many selling wares which bear the Fen-Yll name. It's no Ul'dahn market, thank goodness, but it's the center of Gridanian commerce.

Repairing Woes

(you enter the Ebony Stalls, and see a crowd of Wood Wailers. Bit by bit they leave, and reveal a down-looking Lalafell)
Theldry: Twelve be good! I've never seen leather in such a state of disrepair!
Lalatta: Oh dear, oh dear, whatever will I do? There simply isn't enough time.
Hello there. Are yu the new pupil Hereward sent? I wish you had come a good deal sooner, truly I do.
The Wailers were just here, perhaps you saw them? A merchant caravan came under attack in the forest, and the Wailers fought to defend them.
It must have been a savage battle, judging from the state of their armor. I've never seen such damage. Most of what's left wouldn't stop a pinprick, let alone a brigand's blade. Only, instead of seeking repairs, they simply bought a new batch of armor.
They actually had the nerve to say my repairs take too long and that they couldn't be bothered to wait. Me, too slow!? The gall! Oh yes, I may very well be slower than those who find satisfaction in shoddiness, but I have a good name to maintain!
Theldry: Perhaps <Player> here would be willing to lend you a hand. It would be an opportunity for him to improve his skills, and place him in the good graces of the lancers as well.
Lalatta: Yes! Yes, that's a wonderful idea!
Here, take these and make what repairs you can. I'm counting on you, <Player>!
(obtain damaged Wood Wailer armor, recipe for a suit of repaired Wood Wailer armor)

Theldry: Gods, these may well be the worst repairs I've ever seen!
Lalatta: Not again… Not again…
Theldry: Lalatta, please, stop doing this to yourself. This armor is too far gone.
Lalatta: No, no, no, you don't understand. I have a reputation to uphold. I…I…
Theldry: Gods, just look at what you've done! It doesn't even resemble armor anymore! You'd be better off crafting altogether new pieces.
Lalatta: <sob> No! People come to Lalatta for their leatherwork. People rely on Lalatta to repair anything. I have to! My name is my name!
(she escapes the scene)
Theldry: Let her be, <Player>. She'll be fine. Still, the task remains. There looks to be material enough here for a suit of armor… Could you attempt it? I'm sure one of the leatherworkers at Atelier Fen-Yll could offer counsel.
It must be taken to Quarrymill when finished. It is a hamlet in the forest to the south of here. The Wailers have sentries posted there who will see to it the armor reaches its rightful owner.
(obtain a bunch of armor remnants)

Hereward: Lalatta got you runnin' about with more of that Wailer armor, I see.
Hells! This piece has certainly seen better days. You'll need a good deal of scraps for this. Just make sure you ge the same material.
Best ask 'round for what you need. And bring that armor back here for a look when you're done.
(obtain a recipe for a wood wailer's jacket)

Hereward: How many times have I got to tell you? You'll need a mess of scraps for that work. And only the same type of material'll do. Ask around town if you must. That map of yours'll like see to it you don't get lost.
Bring the armor back here for a look once you've finished.

Maddeline: You! What did you say to poor Lalatta? What kind of person would make a lady cry? And a Lalafell, no less!
The Wailers? They said that? There must be some mistake. They are usually such paragons of chivalry.

Luilda: From the looks of you, I'd say you were new to our guild. Tell me, have you been assigned a mentor?
Lalatta, yes, of course. Well, take care - if the whispers are to be believed, she is on the hunt for a man. You won't tell her I said that, will you?

Beli: The Wailers have been dispatched in full force. I couldn't say for sure, but more than like the Ixal ar about again.
I do love a good Ixal hunt. There's always fine feathers to be had after, strewn all about the wood.

Dyrstbrod: So, you are to mend the Wailers' armor, ar you? Hah! Well, there is more than one way to skin a lynx, and more than one way to make repairs.
Just make sure you know the materials you are working with. The guild doesn't take kindly to mistakes.
But you needn't worry about waste. Even failures may still yield usable materials. We store them, and make use of them when we can.

Khuma Moshroca: Taking care of our belongings is a way of life for all forestborn.
Even so, not all damage can be repaired. Our hands, after all, are not those of the gods. But that which cannot be repaired can always be reused.

Tatagoi: The Wailers claim they've no time to see to their armor themselves.
Hells, I've no time to sleep for all the repairs they demand of us! Not to mention scavenging for scarps at the Ebony Stalls.

(Ebony Stalls)
Lefwyne: Hahaha, now there's some armor that's served its purpose. Gods, it looks as though a dragon whelp's been teething on the stuff!
You've come looking for something similar to it, have you? From Atelier Fen-Yll? Hells, man, why didn't you say so?
Here, here, take all you need. Some Lalafell passed through not long ago. Bought up a mess of new armor and left behind a hoard of this stuff, gods know why.
Lefwyne: Not that I ain't happy to see a good armor worn thin, mind you - means it was loved by someone. But still, can't help being a touch saddened.

The Repaired Jacket

Hereward: Patched that leather up, have you? Come, then. Let's have us a look.
Hmph, I've seen worse. But the lives of Wood Wailers depend on the quality of this armor. It must be sturdy, yet not constricting.
There is but one true test. Aye, strap it on and give it a go. Let's see how she serves in the field.
Don the armor, and walk to, say…the chocobo stables and back. That should be enough, I reckon.

(if wearing the armor when you talk to him after)
Hereward: Grown quite attached, have we? Enough, now, take the bloody stuff off before you wear it out again.

Hereward: Good. Very good. Aye, this will serve. The Wailers will be pleased.
Theldry tells me it is to be taken to Quarrymill.
Well, are you waitin' for a royal summons? Get it delivered!

Gylbart: You tread unsafe ground,friend. Brigands from the north have been spotted in this part of the wood. Be mistaken for one of their company, and your life is forfeit.
You come on behalf of the leatherworkers? The repairs to the armor from the Ebony Stalls are finished?
These tidings are most welcome!
To damage a thing is to anger the elementals within it. And negligence invites the greenwrath. This is known.
Were that not reason enough to repair old equipment, any lancer will tell you that new armor fits right sore for a time. It may weaken your swing, or slow your speed. It may well be the difference between life and death.
Yes, the captain will be pleased to hear of this, indeed. Tell the leatherworkers their labors are appreciated. And thanks to you as well, friend. When the guild approves payment, I will see it to Atelier Fen-Yll myself.

Hereward: Took a bit longer than I might've liked, but the work's done, is it not?
Good. Still, there's been no word form Lalatta. And without your mentor's consent, your reward can't be-
(Lalatta walks in)
Lalatta: <Player> has fulfilled all of the duties put to him. And quite exceptionally, at that.
Hereward: Is that so? Well, there you have it. Your payment, then.
(Lalatta draws you to the side)
Lalatta: I may not be the best mentor, but I am your mentor. My word makes or breaks you here, whatever talent you might have.
So hear this - say anything to anyone about my failed repairs, and I'll make damn sure you up and vanish from this guild like a fart in the wind.

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