Wanted: Ursulien the Unseen

Not more than a few days past, a forerunner en route to a Maelstrom outpost in eastern La Noscea was attacked by a small party of unidentifiable creatures, and the pack he carried was stolen. This pack contained a rare magic tome that was to be delivered to Grand Company arcanists stationed at the outpost who would decipher the ancient text and add the knowledge to the thalassocracy's arsenal. If these spells documented within that tome were to fall into wrong hands, it could seriously compromise city-state security and put the lives of thousands in danger. Azeyma's Shields have good reason to believe that this theft may be the work of Zer'Maat Five underling Ursulien the Unseen, and Isleguard W'mhelgo Hena is seeking volunteers to hunt down the criminal and reclaim the missing relic.


Name: Wanted: Ursulien the Unseen
Type: Compassion
Issuer: Limsa Lominsa
Client: Azeyma's Shields Isleguard, Lydie Belveil
Areas: Tiger Helm Island

Class recommendation: DoW, DoM, level 50, parties of 1-4
Objectives: retrieve Stolen Tome, 10 min
Reward: gil


Ursulien (at this point untouchable), will summon five lesser gargoyles, each a certain time after the last one. After the last one, she will summon Baraguel. Simply go all out and you will make it.

Lesser Gargoyle

Level: ??
Drops: -


Level: ??
Drops: -


This leve can be done with three DD and a white mage. Any combination should be sufficient, but when in doubt add more DRG and WAR.


(approach the scene)
Ursulien the Unseen: How dare you disturb me! Come, my pets! It is feeding time!

(return to W'mhelgo Hena)
W'mhelgo Hena: The triumphant hero returns! Once again you have proven your worth to our cause!
The tome you retrieved this day may be beyond price, but I am afraid our coffers only run so deep. Your reward, good sir.

Category: Quests


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