What a Boar

A thoroughbred sylphic fighting boar known as Kafre has turned on its masters and is now wreaking havoc in the Twelveswood. The savage creature has never known defeat; that must change, else there will be more sapshed.


Name: What a Boar
Type: Boss
Level: 49
Location: East Shroud / Sylphlands (23,17)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, ~98 gil, ~281 seals
Additional Reward: Kafre's Tusk (gold, silver)


Truculent Boar


If you wait a little bit after the FATE's start, Kafre will engage with the truculent boars that spawn alongside it. It is possible to have Kafre engaged with the boars for most of the early fight with him. Do not bother to engage the boars, only target Kafre, as he's the only one who'll count for FATE progression.

Category: Quests


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