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The nation missions consist of the core storyline of Final Fantasy XI. While they can be undertaken at any time, they are also quite likely the first missions a new player will embark on. Their effect on the player base is further strengthened by the bestowing of rank that completing these missions gives. A player who hasn't completed even their first rank is often considered to be gimp on higher levels.
Sufficient advancement in the nation missions is required to participate in the Rise of the Zilart Missions and to enter Dynamis, both of which require rank 6. There are also several quests and other things that require advancement in the nation missions.

The Three Nations

Each of the starting nations has their own nation missions, and although they converge for the middle of the mission lines, they are otherwise separate. Should you want to complete the missions of a nation other than your home, you must first switch your home nation to that of the nation you want to complete missions for. Should you after this want to switch back to your original home nation, you will retain your original rank. You may not switch to another nation while you are in the middle of a mission.

Be sure to note that switching your home nation costs gil each time. The exact amount depends on the current conquest ranking of the nation to which you wish to switch.

1st Place: 40,000 gil
2nd Place: 12,000 gil
3rd Place: 4,000 gil

How to Begin

Nation missions are usually received from the gate guards in your home nation. Note that it isn't always possible to advance directly from the last mission to the next one, for some missions have a rank point requirement. In case the next mission doesn't show up, you will have to trade stacks of crystals to a gate guard. This advances your rank points as well as giving you Conquest Points.

Some missions are optional and can be skipped. However, doing so will cause you to not see the story in it, and sometimes optional missions can be crucial for your understanding of other missions. Likewise, some missions are repeatable, and can be completed over and over again to gain rank points instead of trading crystals for them.

San d'Oria


Rank 1
1-1 Smash the Orcish Scouts
1-2 Bat Hunt
1-3 Save the Children

Rank 2
2-1 The Rescue Drill
2-2 The Davoi Report
2-3 Journey Abroad

Rank 3
3-1 Infiltrate Davoi
3-2 The Crystal Spring
3-3 Appointment to Jeuno

Rank 4
4-1 Magicite

Rank 5
5-1 The Ruins of Fei'Yin
5-2 The Shadow Lord

Rank 6
6-1 Leaute's Last Wishes
6-2 Ranperre's Final Rest

Rank 7
7-1 Prestige of the Papsque
7-2 The Secret Weapon

Rank 8
8-1 Coming of Age
8-2 Lightbringer

Rank 9
9-1 Breaking Barriers
9-2 The Heir to the Light



Rank 1
1-1 The Zeruhn Report
1-2 A Geological Survey
1-3 Fetichism

Rank 2
2-1 The Crystal Line
2-2 Wading Beasts
2-3 The Emissary

Rank 3
3-1 The Four Musketeers
3-2 To the Forsaken Mines
3-3 Jeuno

Rank 4
4-1 Magicite

Rank 5
5-1 Darkness Rising
5-2 Xarcabard, Land of Truths

Rank 6
6-1 Return of the Talekeeper
6-2 The Pirate's Cove

Rank 7
7-1 The Final Image
7-2 On My Way

Rank 8
8-1 The Chains That Bind Us
8-2 Enter the Talekeeper

Rank 9
9-1 The Salt of the Earth
9-2 Where Two Paths Converge



Rank 1
1-1 The Horutoto Ruins Experiment
1-2 The Heart of the Matter
1-3 The Price of Peace

Rank 2
2-1 Lost for Words
2-2 Testing Time
2-3 The Three Kingdoms

Rank 3
3-1 To Each His Own Right
3-2 Written in the Stars
3-3 A New Journey

Rank 4
4-1 Magicite

Rank 5
5-1 The Final Seal
5-2 The Shadow Awaits

Rank 6
6-1 Full Moon Fountain
6-2 Saintly Invitation

Rank 7
7-1 The Sixth Ministry
7-2 Awakening of the Gods

Rank 8
8-1 Vain
8-2 The Jester Who'd Be King

Rank 9
9-1 Doll of the Dead
9-2 Moon Reading

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