Quests in Grimoire of the Rift

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Grimoire of the Rift is built on quests. The storyline advances with Main Quests; Side Quests and Free Quests tell more about the world as well as provide valuable items and jobs, and sometimes even lead special characters to join; and Clan Trials earn titles and Clan Privileges.
The numbers below refer to the quest numbering given in the Official Complete Guide published by Square Enix. Note that despite the numbering, all but main quests have been listed in alphabetical order.

Main Quests

M001 Stranger in the Woods
M002 A Paw Full of Feathers
M003 The Yellow Wings
M004 You Say Tomato
M005 Wanted: Ugohr
M006 Wanted: Gilmunto
M007 Now That's a Fire!
M008 Pearls in the Deep
M009 Mountain Watch
M010 Grounded!
M011 Rumors Abound
M012 Sleepless Nights
M013 Making Music
M014 Seeking the Stone
M015 Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan
M016 A Request
M017 The Dig
M018 Through Another's Eyes
M019 Pirate Problems
M020 The Ritual

Side Quests

S166 Beetle in a Haystack
S040 Camoa Cup
S217 Ciawa the Gluttonous
S175 Green Dominion
S226 First Step, The
S111 Foodstuffs: Texture
S255 It's the Thought
S035 Kids These Days
S174 Knowing the Beast
S075 Komodo Departure
S192 Kyrra, Dragoon
S047 Mushroom Chef
S260 Perfect Gift, The
S198 Prepared with Love
S186 Reagent Run
S086 Red King of Cinquleur
S247 Shipping Out
S135 Star Seal, The
S062 Throw Down
S131 Trappings of Failure, The
S016 Voice from the Well, A
S261 Wanted: Shiny Maces
S115 Wanted: The Cyanwolf

Free Quests

Beast of Aisenfield, The
Bringer of Doom
Lost Companion, A
Shrine of the Paling Gods
Woman of the Wood

Clan Trials

Adaptability I
Adaptability II
Aptitude I
Aptitude II
General Training I
General Training II
Negotiation I
Negotiation II
Teamwork I
Teamwork II

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