Story Chapters of Dissidia
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While the main feature of Dissidia is definitely the battles in it, the game features a story mode for the benefit of those who like such things. The story isn't completely linear, as many chapters can happen in the span of the same time, and completing all of them is not required to advance to the next chapter.
From within the story mode can be unlocked many new features, and exclusive items and summons can be found in it.

While in the original Japanese version beating every Destiny Odyssey chapter was required to advance to Shade Impulse, the western releases and the Ultimate Tuning version requires beating only one of the ten DO chapters. Likewise there is difference in unlocking the Distant Glory chapters, with original merely wanting you to beat SI, and later versions wanting SI and the DO chapters in addition to it. In all versions, unlocking Destiny Odyssey is done by beating the Prologue, and unlocking Inward Chaos by beating DG.

Note that while Dissidia itself contains all these chapters, the prequel Duodecim has them as well.

Story Chapters

P: The Shattered World

Destiny Odyssey
DO-I: The Guiding Light
DO-II: The Unending Dream
DO-III: The Pride of Youth
DO-IV: Moonlit Knights
DO-V: Journey, Courage, Friends
DO-VI: Strength for Whom?
DO-VII: Fate
DO-VIII: The Lion Stalks the Savannah
DO-IX: Melodies of Life
DO-X: The Road to Tomorrow

Shade Impulse
SI-1: A Truth Lost
SI-2: The Schemers
SI-3: While Time Grows Short
SI-4: The Decisive Battle

Distant Glory
DG-XI: The Lady of Legend
DG-XII: Redemption of the Warrior

Inward Chaos
IC: Towards the Ultimate Fantasy

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