Welcome to Chrysalis, a Final Fantasy resource aimed specifically at RP players and fanfic authors, but also for people who just want to play the games, or are merely interested in them. Chrysalis welcomes all kind of fans of Final Fantasies.
Currently we are a work in progress, and estimate a moderately low completion percentage despite our valiant efforts to cover the whole series. Please be patient, or apply for membership to help our growth.

Note that from here on, there will be spoilers. If you do not want to see them, please do not look at the pages. For complete viewing of the site, please enable support for Japanese characters.

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February 2023 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 04 Feb 2023 14:36

Wish I could tell you better news, but this is it folks - you're looking at the last days of Chrysalis being publicly available. Unless some miracle happens and I find a sugar daddy who can pay for the site even with the kinds of traffic it's getting, Chrysalis will be going private on Sunday Feb 12th, and will thereafter be accessible to registered users only.

Why? The current hosting provider is basically belly up already, I can't delay transfer to the new site. And yet, at a regular hosting provider I can't afford to pay for the kinds of traffic Chrysalis is getting, it'll be something less. Therefore, to prompt Google to stop displaying Chrysalis in search results and sending traffic here, before the transfer to the new host and new wiki service (which are not set up to receive this kind of traffic!), it needs to notice that the site is no longer available. Therefore, registered-only mode.

Create your account here now if you want to keep using the old site before the new site will come live somewhere around Apr-Jul, you'll need to log in after Feb12 to see anything here. Note that accounts still won't carry over and you will have to repeat the process once the new site is live - but if you're a registered member I'll also send a notification of when the change happens so you'll be informed. Provided that this old site is still functional enough for that to happen, that is! (see also: basically belly up)
If the site does go non-functional before the transfer is complete I'll create a workaround, in any case the site won't be offline for long even in worst case scenario. Just remember that registration!

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December 2022 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 29 Dec 2022 16:09

Hullo to you all, I hope you've been doing well.
Since our hosting (and the platform Chrysalis currently runs on) has become unreliable as of late, we're looking into transferring the site elsewhere. There will be an adjustment period while we work on bringing the site fully operational, and there won't be any big updates until it's done. In any case, this will not require the average user take any action, the site URL will stay the same. You can still find us in the future no matter what! However, if you have an account at the site you'll have to sign up again at the new location once it's live. Just a heads up!

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Hullo to you all, I hope you've been doing well. Since our hosting (and the platform Chrysalis...
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