Welcome to Chrysalis, a Final Fantasy resource aimed specifically at RP players and fanfic authors, but also for people who just want to play the games, or are merely interested in them. Chrysalis welcomes all kind of fans of Final Fantasies.
Currently we are a work in progress, and estimate a moderately low completion percentage despite our valiant efforts to cover the whole series. Please be patient, or apply for membership to help our growth.

Note that from here on, there will be spoilers. If you do not want to see them, please do not look at the pages. For complete viewing of the site, please enable support for Japanese characters.

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April 2020 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 21 Apr 2020 07:03

Hullo one and all. Hope you've all been busy playing FF7 Remake now that we finally have our hands on it after years of waiting!
Over the past year we at Chrysalis have been busy with RL, but never fear the updates continue always in some form. Recent active projects have been filling out Vagrant Story item data, adding various Opera Omnia data, and FF3 world data. In the background work for a FF9 bestiary refresh/detail add continues, to be added to the site once it's ready to go. We will continue working on whatever catches our interest, most likely in the form of lore and highlighting language differences. Happy playing y'all!

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May 2019 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 30 May 2019 11:51

Hullo hullo everyone. Behind the scenes we have been adding quite a few interesting little tidbits, maybe you've found them in your exploration. The site is definitely filling up!
Due to recent changes in Google AdSense editing and control policies, we will no longer be offering Google ads, effective immediately. Our site policy simply cannot condone displaying media ads to disrupt the browsing experience, and these changes make it impossible to filter them out. Please support the site in any way you can. Thank you.

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