This page lists each of the summons in the Final Fantasy games.
The summons themselves are known as Summon Spirits (FF3, FF5, FF7), Espers (FF6, FF12), Guardian Forces (FF8), Eidolons (FF4, FF9, FF13), Aeons (FF10), Avatars (FF11), Yarhi (FF12RW) and Primals (FF14) in the English-language version. However, in Japanese they are commonly referred to as 幻獣 [genjuu] ('illusionary beast') or 召喚獣 [shoukanjuu], 'summoned beast'.

Also a different kind of Summons exist - they are known as Lucavi, Totema and/or Scions. They have been listed in this page, however, they shouldn't be considered normal Summons.

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