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Yona (FFBE) people bitparts dead ffbe humans
Yonin ability active buffers ff11 mmospecific selftarget
Yormungand bestiary bestiary ff3 reptiles
Yoshimitsu equipment daggers ff14 ffrk weapons
Yoshimitsu Animus equipment daggers ff14 mmospecific weapons
Yoshimitsu Atma equipment daggers ff14 mmospecific weapons
Yoshimitsu Nexus equipment daggers ff14 mmospecific weapons
Yoshimitsu Novus equipment daggers ff14 mmospecific weapons
Yoshimitsu Zenith equipment daggers ff14 mmospecific weapons
Yoshiyuki equipment ff7 ffab ffatb ffp ffrk katanas swords weapons
You Call that a Toad quests battlequests fate ff14 limsaquest
You Don't Have the Rite quests missing
You Say Tomato quests ffta2 quests
Young Dodo Roaster item materials meat mmospecific old14
Young Indigo Herring item fish items mmospecific old14
Young Lord Pappal quests dispatchquests fft
Youth League encyclopedia encyclopedia ff10-2 groups missing
Youthful Parasol item ff13-2 ff13lr petarmor utility
Y'shtola people
Y'shtola Rhul people catgirls ff14 ffdnt ffdoo healers incomplete mages maincharas old14 othernpc
Y'shtola Rhul (Stats) stats catgirls ff14 ffbe ffda ffdnt ffdoo ffrk ffwww healers mages maincharas old14 orig14 scholars stats
Yu Hayakawa people ffu humans maincharas missing
Yu Yevon people ff10 historic humans missing summoners
Yufeena people birdmen ffcc missing
Yufemia Frau people ff11ns missing people
Yuffie Kisaragi people ff7 ff7ac ff7bc ff7cc ff7dc ffdoo humans maincharas missing ninjas resistance thieves
Yuffie Kisaragi (Stats) stats ff7 ffdoo ffrk humans maincharas ninjas orig7 stats thieves
Yugr'am River area areas ff14 old14 rivers
Yugr'am Salmon item ff14 fish food materials mmospecific old14
Yuj people ff13 ff13-2 humans missing resistance
Yuke encyclopedia encyclopedia ffcc ffcccb ffccet ffccmld ffccmlk ffccrf incomplete races
Yuke Shack area buildings ffccmlk
Yukikaze ability
Yukimitsu equipment daggers ff14 mmospecific weapons
Yukimitsu Awoken equipment daggers ff14 mmospecific weapons
Yulisha people ancients dead ffbe resistance royalty
Yuna people ff10 ff10-2 ffdd ffdoo gunners healers humans incomplete maincharas nearhumans summoners
Yuna (Stats) stats ff10 ff10-2 ffatb ffdd ffdoo ffp ffrk fftr gunners healers humans maincharas nearhumans orig10 stats summoners
Yunalesca people dead ff10 historic humans missing summoners
Yunita people ff4hl humans knights maincharas missing wol
Yura people bitparts ff6 humans missing
Yuri people ffccrf humans maincharas warriors
Yuri (FFBE, Stats) stats ffbe ninjas origbe stats
Yuri (Stats) stats ffccrf humans maincharas origccrf stats warriors
Yuyubesu people bitparts midgets old14 udnpc
Yuyuhase (FF14) people
Yuyuhase Luluhase people bitparts midgets military old14 udnpc
Yve'noile people ancients dead ff11 leaders missing
zaa han fcmember
Zack Fair people dead experiments ff7 ff7ac ff7bc ff7cc humans maincharas military missing warriors

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