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An introduction to the character goes here. Write their full name (also in Japanese if you know it), and general things about them like personality, as well as an overview of their position in society and other basic things. If the character appears in multiple games, mention their status before, during and after games.
All throughout this page, you may add pictures. Try to add the official character portrait(s), and if the biography section becomes long, add illustrative pictures/screenshots.


Early Years

Here comes an introduction to the character's life before the chronologically first game they appeared in. In the last paragraph, be more detailed about their status leading immediately up to the game.

Game Name

Here comes the character's personal story in the game they appeared in. Mention important points, but try not to be too specific.

Game Name 2

If the character has appeared in multiple games, write a summary of their story for all the games. List the games in chronological order.


Describe the character's various outfits in this section, in detail. This includes clothes, jewelry, hairstyles, nail polish, any other details you can think of. If the character goes so far as to have a different physical form in some appearance, describe these physical differences as well.


Add in any memorable quotes from the character. Be sure to include a brief mention of the general situation the quote was from (quest/mission title if there is one), and the game's name.

"Example quote I am."
-in the quest My First Quest, Final Fantasy Example

In Game


What stats does the character have in the beginning of the game? How is their stat progression? If stat progression is dependent on other factors than the character and their level (eg job or equipment worn), do not include it.


Here comes a list of abilities the character can learn. If they can learn spells, be sure to include a list of all the spells and how to learn them. Include a mention of how to learn abilities, too.


What kind of equipment can the character wear? What are they wearing at the start of the game?

In Game2


Add all the needed sections as shown above.


This section is for the character's other appearances - stuff like Play Arts and other figures, FF-TCG cards and other cards as well as appearances in non-FF games goes here. It bears noting though, that this section is not for trivia of the character themselves, those go to the general introduction and the biography.

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