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Type in the in-game description of the quest here.


How to begin:
Repeatable: Yes/No
Quest Type:

Last Quest:
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Rewatch CS:

Requirements to sign up:
Required items:


This is a list of monsters that you must kill in order to pass the quest. If there are none, simply remove this section. If there are any additional notes about the fights (not related strictly to the enemies, which info goes below) in the quest, write them here.

Enemy name

Location: zone and how to spawn or find

Include any hints for killing the mob here.


Any hints to get through the quest.


Script of the quest goes here. Divide with sub-headers when there are multiple instances of speech. If no script is available, write a summary of the events in the mission. Do note that each quest page should strive to inquire only the script, and any summary written may be deleted with the later addition of a script.

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