The h2 sized text is for a world location - for example, if the world has a moon that is reachable in the game, or an otherworld (Farplane, Pandemonium, Land of Summons, etc.). If there are no multiple locations of that level, remove the h2 sized text. In either case, remove this text. It is not needed.

Area 1

Forest 1

  • Cave 1

Village 1

Kingdom 1

City 1

  • Castle of Kingdom 1

Cave 2
Forest 2

List all areas (for example, kingdoms, or if no kingdom or other country governs the area, then a general area name) in alphabetical order. Each area should have listed beneath them the towns and dungeons within that area. Should for example a town include a castle, list that beneath the town itself. Continue as needed.
Add links to separate area pages that have more information about the areas. If you're not sure which areas to link to and which not, just leave the links off, they can be edited in later.
In any case, this explanation should not appear on the finished page, so delete it.

Location 2

Area 2

Cave 3
Cave 4
City 2

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