A Solitary Bloom

Vana'diel date Late Winter 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:09


UGH, MOTHER, UGH. When is she going to get it through her head that he's not mine, and I don't want him, and we're just traveling together, and that's that, and—

Wait, what did she mean he seemed nice enough? And obliging? ARGH, MOTHER, DID YOU ASK HIM FOR SOMETHING WEIRD? She did. I bet she totally did.


She's got to be doing this on purpose. And that thing about the Doll Festival…

…And almost a year…

Kii, oh, Kii. It has been almost a year, hasn't it? I miss you. It should be you here, not me. You were always better than me at everything. You got along with people better, cared more. And you were all friendly-like with Jenare. This is your spot.

But look! I'm starting to learn to help people. Isn't it great? You'd be so happy.

I wish you could see this. Windurst is as beautiful as ever, and all the flowers are blooming again. Actually, we went to San d'Oria, and it was pretty there, too. You would have loved it. Even I liked it. I even got Jenare a present, just like you would have.


Today, he asked me about my sister. Well, technically, he asked me about your sister. Almost a year, and he's finally remembered I existed. I don't even know if that's a good thing or just plain pathetic.

Doesn't matter, I guess. I told him my sister was dead. I finally… finally managed to tell him. Except he thinks it's me. Really should have been me, huh? But at least he won't ask anymore now.

But what if I want him to ask?

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