Adventurers' Privilege

Vana'diel date Early Spring 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:11

People seem to be asking us to do more and more things these days. Actually, even since we fought that scary dragon, wasn't it? Maybe we got a little better-known from it.

Well, it's probably a good thing. And it's not like they're not generous about rewarding us, either.

First, there was that… that jerk from before, the one who was really mean to his chocobo. He said his son was sick and needed some special flower that grows on Qufim Island. Night Flowers…?

Anyway, I don't really wanna help a stupid bum like him, but like the kids in the stable said, it's really not his son's fault… Can't blame the kid for the way his father acts. Otherwise, mother's really gonna get me killed one of these days.

Mm, I guess the second thing isn't exactly a "request"? It's pretty weird. We were in Jeuno again, and walked past the airship ports, and, well, there's one for Kazham. I mean, I knew it was there, but I never really thought about it because there's no way we'd be able to afford an airship pass, but they seem to have some kind of adventurer special right now. Instead of paying waaaaay-too-much, they want us to get them keys for treasure chests from Giddeus, Fort Ghelsba, and the Palborough Mines. Dunno what they want those for, but I bet it's a whole lot cheaper than buying the pass! Maybe they just really want treasure.

Right, so, Qufim Island… Jenare and I are going there first. I mean, it's a bit more pressing than just wanting to visit Kazham. But first, there was that weird crystal thing…

See, Jenare found out that those big, pretty crystals we've seen around aren't just for decoration. You can do some ritual to bind your life force to a crystal, and then… warp there when your life's in danger? Something like that. I wasn't really paying attention.

Jenare's so boring. He just kinda waved his hands a bit or something. My crystal ritual was much cooler.

…Except we have to repeat the same thing every time? I mean, geez, I'd be lucky if I even remembered half of what I did! He could have said so earlier! Okay, so he probably did say so earlier and I just didn't hear. So what!

Guess I'll just have to remember. I told him I knew that already, after all.

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