Between Master and Pet

Vana'diel date Early Spring 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:13

…Well, Jenare's little crystal thing sure came in handy. I mean, geez, whew! I thought I was a goner there for sure!

See, it started out well enough. We went to Qufim Island to get the Night Flowers and all. There were mobs of leeches, but we took care of them like that~! And one of them had a shiny shiny red stone in its stomach that Jenare let me keep. Heehee, I wonder what is is. It's really pretty!

Anyway, anyway! We found the flowers, and… actually, we found jerkface there, too. Eh, I guess he was a bit less of a jerk now, anyway.

We couldn't really get the flowers, though. We needed to dig down pretty deep for them, and we didn't even have anything to do it with. But then his chocobo showed up. The one he mistreated and ditched before! It helped, and sorta turned him nicer, too.

Everything was great, except a huge, scary monster showed up before we even left, and, uh, it was all sorts of not good. I can't believe how weak we were. We couldn't do anything at all…! Even after that dragon… I guess it was just a warning after all.

Anyway, we… we managed to activate that warp connected to the crystal and leave before we died. I'm definitely gonna go remember my crystal ritual.

The guy wasn't there when we visited to see how his son was doing, but the kid was there, so I guess he's fine now. He gave us a reward his father left, too, some money and an old beast whistle.

When we talked to Brutus, the stable manager, he taught us to be beastmasters.

Should be interesting~!

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