Vana'diel date Winter 885
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:00


Of all the people to get a letter from, why does it have to be my mother? Argh! And she's in Windurst. And around. Everywhere. Oi, maybe I'll just stay in San d'Oria or something.

And what the heck was that thing about kittens? Like I'd ever have one with him! (He's not bad for a guy, though—)


And besides, he doesn't even know who I am. Like I'd ever do anything with someone who can't even see me.

…Why am I thinking about it in the first place? Sheesh. Might as well be as bad as my mother.

What's up with her, anyway? What's with that marriage crap, and suddenly making clothes and stuff? Meh. Must be going senile from getting old. What kind of a person offers "help" by borrowing money, anyway? …My mother's kind, apparently.

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