City of Wonders

Vana'diel date Winter 885
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 02:58

Jeuno! We're in Jeuno! He took me to Jeuno! It's even worth squelching through that icky swamp again.

It's so awesome here. It's filled with people, stores, other things, and more people. I already used up all my money, but I got a billion new spells you can't find anywhere else.

And the Auction Houses here…! Aah, they're so big and pretty and filled with so many things I've never even seen before~! Okay! Gotta make more money! I wanna get more stuff.

In one of the stables, we met this famous stablemaster, Brutus. Apparently, people have been more and more mistreating chocobos these days, so he gave us a test before we could get chocobo licenses. We had to take care of this injured chocobo they found. It was pretty scared at the start, but it kinda warmed up after a few days, and, y'know, it was actually pretty cute. Some guy came and claimed that it was his, but Brutus just turned him away. Heh, like we'd ever give it back to someone like that! But I guess that's what they meant by mistreating, huh? Anyway, the chocobo seems fine now, and we got our licenses.

It's really amazing one! All you can feel is the wind in your hair, and the world just zooms by…!

………Jenare is still a big giant idiot. Hmph.

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