Vana'diel date Late Winter 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:10

That elvaan girl, Ellanore.

I met her again.

I was gonna go visit San d'Oria, but I ran into her in La Theine Plateau and figured I should go help. I mean, I guess I sorta know her, and it's not like I was in a hurry anyway.

She's kinda different from Jenare. Not that I expected all elvaan to be the same. I mean, I know they're not all the same! She's even quieter than Jenare. But she's nice. Not as stuffy, either.

It's funny how I keep meeting people because of him. Elvaan people. And Ellanore doesn't even actually have anything to do with him! Sheesh, at this rate, all my friends will be double my size or half my size.

I… also ended up telling her about what happened. Kii and Jenare and everything. I dunno, I guess it felt kinda nice to let someone know.

She said to tell Jenare…

I know that. I know, but… But…!

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