Damn Suitors

Vana'diel date Spring 885
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 01:43

More letters for Kii. Can't they see that she's—

Ungh. Never mind.

Dear Mr. Torrence,
I am honoured by your offer, but my dear sister is quite affronted by that wart on your face — not to mention curious about where your nose has gone — and will most certainly not consent until such a problem is fixed. Or even after that.
Kii Kalira

Let's see, who else…

Dear Mr. Moku,
I am afraid your height may be a problem. I would like to marry someone at least half as tall as me.
Kii Kalira

Bah, let's just hope he doesn't show it to anyone. Next thing you know, we'll have all the Elvaans knocking on our door—

Speaking of which, what happened to Kii's little Elvaan boy, anyway?

Oh, screw him, I don't care.

[More Private Stuff]

I never thought I'd leave Windurst, not really. I might have been the wild and crazy one, but Kii's the one who actually wanted to go see the world.

…Though I guess "seeing" isn't the right term. She wanted to go help the world. As if one Mithra can make all that difference.

But then again, she was Kii, so maybe she could.

Could. Could have.


Aaaaaaaanyway! I'm going to go away soon, I suppose. There isn't really a place for a white mage here, and I guess I really am kinda curious. And I'm not a kitten anymore. I'll have to learn to look out for myself, learn new things…

This all sounds so boring.

Ah well, no help for it now.

I've gone to see our great chieftain, Perih Vashai, yesterday. To… ask for blessings for my trip, I guess. Except I didn't really do it. I just… stood before her and listened. I didn't tell her or ask her, but maybe she knew anyway. She always seemed to know.

And I'll miss this place. What will it be like in the cities built by the other races? Cold stone all around, with no trees? How can they live like that?

Eh, I shouldn't talk as if I've left already. I still need to prepare.

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