Endless Errands

Vana'diel date March 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:18

Everything's gotten so complicated. I almost wish they'd go back to that "Don't worry, this has nothing to do with you, just forget it happened" spiel. Only almost, though. But it's really hard not to worry when even the leaders of your nation are running around like headless chickens… (Where'd that phrase come from, anyway? Do chickens like running around without their heads or something?)

Um. Anyway. We found him. Minister Ajido-Marujido, I mean. See, we were running around Castle Oztroja looking for him, and it's not like the Yagudo were happy to see us, right? Some of the weaker ones ran when they saw us, so that was good, except it wasn't, because they brought reinforcements. So, uh, we ran. Actually, maybe it was a good thing we ran, because we ended up at a door with two switches in front of it, and one of them opened a trapdoor! We fell into a room… thing… and the mininster was there. He looked awfully hurt…

Minister Ajido-Marujido told us about how Windurst was first established, something about stars and Star Sibyls and the Book of the Gods. The fact that it went blank meant… er, well. Meant something bad, I'm sure. And the Star Sibyl wouldn't talk about it, so he went to see the Yagudo king instead. I wonder what happened there…

He went back to Windurst after that, which left Jenare and me stuck in Castle Oztroja. I was kinda surprised the Yagudo didn't come down after us, I mean, they've gotta know the trapdoor's there. They built the place. Maybe they figured we wouldn't have anywhere to go after that, anyway.

Eh, well, I guess they were right. We didn't. Much. There was another tiny trapdoor you could barely see, and it dropped us almost on top of another bunch of Yagudo. Geez…

But! But! They didn't expect us to be invisible! Hah! So we got out all right. Whew, I don't think I wanna go back there again for a loooong time. Or ever.

We did manage to find a weird old ring near the second trapdoor, though. It looked kinda familiar. Isn't this the one the Cat Burglar gave the mininster last time? The one those kids were looking for? …Why am I even asking. I mean, of course it is.

So off we went, Jenare and I and the Star Onion Brigade. I felt kinda bad about it, but once they saw the ring, there wasn't much we could do to stop them, anyway. So it's better if we went with them, right? Right? Well, it was a good thing, too, because Nanaa Mihgo locked us all in the "ghosty house". We only managed to get out because those kids found a coffin with a Cardian inside.

…A Cardian named "Joker". Haven't I heard that name somewhere? But where? And it's different from all the other Cardians, too…

Well. Anyway. Joker let us out, and went off with the kids. But before we left, Jenare and I heard a… a something. Turned out that shiny red stone was Carbuncle's Ruby. Woah. What was it doing in a monster's stomach? Did it eat Carbuncle? Erm, anyway, we ran into Minister Ajido-Marujido once again. Guess he's recovered. He said to gather… colors of the sky. Or something like that. For the ruby.

What does that even mean?

But nevermind, I'll figure it out later. After the minister ran off again, I finally remembered to report to Lady Semih Lafihna about finding him. Oops. Well. I don't think she noticed my detour anyway.

So now, Minister Ajido-Marujido got branded a traitor and all the guards in Windurst are looking for him. I kinda feel… I dunno. Isn't he trying his best, too? I mean, all the Sibyl Guards are calling him power-hungry, but I really don't think power's what he's after this time. At least not power for himself!

Argh, I'm still so helpless. Jenare and I, aren't we searching for power, too? Isn't just about everyone, in one way or another?

…I wanna know what the deal with that ruby is. I wonder if it'd help any.

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