Vana'diel date March 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:15

Heh… He really tries pretty hard. Jenare, I mean.

I guess he noticed how I've been. Er, well, guess it's kinda hard not to notice. I wasn't exactly subtle. But he's kinda stupid about everything else, after all! But anyway, I'm… I'm glad. How he is.

He came back to Windurst with me. It's kinda nice having him around. Someone to talk to, someone to laugh with…

Or, y'know, laugh at.

A while ago, I accidentally stumbled on a group of kids calling themselves the "Star Onion Brigade". For some reason, they thought I wanted to be a member, and gave me a "test" to bring them some kinda tail for their little taru girl. Because I was an adult, and adults were bad. Something like that. Anyway, turns out her mother pickles rarab tails — the food, not the animal, and they ended up letting me pass and giving me some llittle necklace badge. I guess it's… cute?

I really didn't think of them back then, but it looks like they're getting themselves pretty deeply involved in a lot of important stuff. …Okay, let's back up a little.

Last time I was here, they found out Nanaa Mihgo was sneaking around the "ghosty house". The House of the Hero. They knocked her out for a bit with onion bombs, but didn't catch her. But anyway, anyway! She dropped a shiny thing—er, I mean, a Mana Orb. The things I had to transport back in my squishier days for the everything-stery. But why would she have one?

This time, apparently, she's been telling them that it's too dangerous for them to keep it, and, y'know, I think she's right for once. But it disappeared, and they insisted on using some… what was it again. Junior Detective kit thingamajig. To find it. I thought I'd take Jenare to see them, so he got roped into it too, which was great, because Pichichi's mother — yes, the one with the rabrab tail — made us fake moustaches.

Jenare looked absolutely ridiculous. Well, I probably did, too, but I bet he was funnier~!

It was worth it, to see that! Even when we found out Pichichi's the one who hid it in the first place. Sheesh, these kids…

And now they wanna get into the ghos—HOUSE OF THE HERO. It takes a… ring… to open. Karaha-Baruha's, to be precise. Last I remember, Mininster Ajido-Marujido had it… I doubt he'd let some kids play with it.

On an unrelated note, Jenare and I went to Giddeus today to get chest keys. It was actually really easy! Man, and I used to be scared of that place. Well, one down, two to go, and then I get to go to Kazham!

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