Even More Errands

Vana'diel date March 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:16

What an honour!

Today, when I was passing by the gate, a guard told me that Lady Semih Lafihna wanted to see me. The leader of the Sibyl Guards! And maybe our next Chieftainess! I've only seen her once before, when she told that cleric, Kupipi, to give me my orders for—

Right, that… scary dragon…

Mm, well, anyway, I got to go up Heavens Tower! It's really beautiful up there. There're lots of shiny things that I reeeeaaally don't think I should touch. Or go near. I got to meet all sorts of important people, too. Although "important" people really end up much stupider when you meet them in person.

There were those ladies in waiting, for one. Apparently, to be one, you had to be a female tarutaru who was neither strong nor good at magic. Doesn't that kinda mean it's a fancy title for a weakling? Sheesh. And the head lady in waiting! Argh, I can't stand her. She sounds like a cranky grandma gone wrong.

Lady Semih Lafihna was pretty amazing, though. We… talked. She said she delivered my report to the Star Sibyl. The one about that dragon and the Shadow Lord. She also asked me not to mention it, because the tarutaru suffered enough. She was so… strong and calm and kind. A little like Kii.

…A little like Jenare, too, isn't that.


Minister Ajido-Marujido showed up when we were talking, and just… totally blasted the Sibyl Guards with something-or-other. I mean, not that he hurt them, but… eh. He demanded to see the Star Sibyl, and tossed that book I found waaaay before at Lady Semih Lafihna.

The Book of the Gods. He'd mentioned that before. So did Tosuka-Porika, the Optistery Mininster… They both wanted me to forget about it, but now…?

I don't know anymore. They had a huge argument, and the Mininster ran off, and then Lady Semih Lafihna ordered me to follow him.

…Like it's that easy.

Well. Easier than killing a dragon, I guess.

I went to look for him at the Orastery, but he wasn't there anymore. They said he went to Castle Oztroja. But why Castle Oztroja? It's crawling with Yagudo!

This might not be as easy as that dragon after all…

Aah well. At least Jenare would make it easier.

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