Harvest Festival! (1/2)

Vana'diel date Autumn 885
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 01:59

Okay, so it's not that bad with him around. Actually, it's been kinda fun, though I guess it's not exactly because of him.

…Well, woulda been more boring by myself, anyway.

Right, so. Fun. It's the Harvest Festival again. Last year, I went with Kii. She's always liked it. (Okay, fine, so I do too. I guess.) It's weird when we pick different costumes, though, but at the same time… it's the only chance we have to be different, at all.

Speaking of different, this year certainly was. There was some exorcist ghost or something outside of Windurst, trying to break in, and a moogle rambled about it stealing their magic. Lovely, isn't it? We had to kill bats so the moogles can get their magic back, so they can enchant us to get rid of it.

Well. I got a nice cloak out of it. Actually, it's kinda raggedy, but it looks awesome. (Hah, Kii'd probably make fun of me.) And… okay, I was a little worried about Windurst, too.

Well, enough about that. Loot! Aside from the cloak, I got a witch hat from following a witch around in a thing called the Wake of the Lilies. (Nice name. I like lilies. Actually, I kinda wish I got chosen as one of the Lilies. I'm Mithra too!) Jenare got one, too, but it looks ridiculous on him. It's much cuter on me. But he has a better one! I wanted to get one of those, too, but, noooooooo, we went to Bastok, and I had to follow a Galka named "Pretty Heart" around (Galka? Witch? Both the ones at Windurst were female!), and sheesh! Who knew big, hulking guys could turn so quickly? (Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I'd wanna be one of the Lilies after all. Seems like a pretty boring job, walking around and around all day.)

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