Harvest Festival! (2/2)

Vana'diel date Autumn 885
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 02:00

Speaking of Bastok… See, when we killed that Pyracmon — er, that's the Exorcist thingamajig — a second time, it dropped medals that could teleport us to Bastok. And I was bored, and curious, and it seemed like a good idea at the time, so, to Bastok we went!

…Actually, it's pretty boring in Bastok, too. I don't like it here. After the festivities at home, things feel pretty dull here.

Well, what can I expect? It's a gloomy mining town. Feh… It's pretty depressing talking to people, actually. The Galka-Hume situation… It's horrible. If we're co-existing happily with the Tarutaru, why can't they do it here? Honestly… they're adults.

I suspect we'd be going to San d'Oria soon. I'm almost looking forward to it. It's nearly as pretty as Windurst, and even snooty Elvaans are better than the doom and gloom here.

Wonder if Jenare's going to ditch me again when we get there. Hmph. Not that I care.

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