Lonely Heart

Vana'diel date Early Spring 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:13

Rii and Kii, Kii and Rii. It's always been the two of us. And now it's been a year since it wasn't anymore.

It's not fair. Why did I get to live? Kii should be the one alive!

…Nonono, both of us should be alive. Rii and Kii, Kii and Rii…

Title Date
One Lost Homeland April 886
Moogle Eggstravaganza April 886
The Land of the Tall April 886
Acquirings April 886
The Sound of Color March 886
Endless Errands March 886
Even More Errands March 886
Errands March 886
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Category: Things Change

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