Lotsa Traveling

Vana'diel date Spring-Summer 885
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 01:52

So I'm in San d'Oria now. I just got here today, and, boy am I tired. The rent-a-rooms are nice here. Heck, the whole place is pretty nice. It's still a walled city of stone, but there's sunlight and trees. There're even more trees outside the city than there are near Windurst!

…But it's not Windurst. Don't really wanna admit it, but I'm kinda homesick. I guess it was mostly because of the way Jenare's face lit up when he talked about San d'Oria. Whatever he might have said about wanting to travel — that's what he and Kii talked about, right? — he still… belongs to this city, I guess. Just as whatever I planned, I still belong to Windurst and only Windurst. I think Kii's the only one who would have felt at home anywhere. She belongs… wherever there are people who need her.

Stupid, getting sentimental like this.

SO! ANYWAY! I got to San d'Oria, and, I must say, it's a whole lot better than Bastok!

Speaking of Bastok, I spent my last day there mining. What was Jenare thinking, making a white mage like me mine? …Well, okay, so I wasn't exactly a white mage then. I guess the chance to lay aside the holy mantle was worth it. Plus, we made a looooot of money!

Still, this is kinda annoying. I finally managed to find my way around the city, and we left. Maybe we'll stay a little longer in San d'Oria. But I wanna go back to Windurst. I really do, now…

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