Vana'diel date Spring 885
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 01:50

It's been a while since I've written in this, huh. I've been a bit busy with that… guy here and all. Jenare. Kii's friend.

Eh. I guess it was weird, meeting him. I didn't really expect to. I mean, Windurst is a big city! But, nope, I just happened to be passing by Leviathan Gate when he came in, and he actually recognized me.

…Well, kinda recognized me, anyway. He thought I was Kii. Maybe I shoulda told him right then and there that Kii was…

…that's stupid. Kii's not…

…I mean…

…Aaaaaaaaanyway, he thought I was Kii, so I thought I'd mess with him a bit and told him that I was. Altana knows it's easy enough to pretend. She's… I mean, she's almost a part of me.

I guess it's a good thing he found me after all. I was kinda wondering how I was going to do those missions the guards at the Gatehouse gave me. I mean, Horutoto Ruins? The road there is filled with Yagudos and Goblins. He definitely helped a lot with that. And then, they wanted me to go into Giddeus. Giddeus! That place is crawling with beastmen. Becoming a white mage seemed like a good idea at the time, but who knew I'd be so weak? Bah, divine magic protecting me. Haaaaaaaaaaah. Sure, I can heal and heal myself and I won't die, but then I run outta energy and then what? Sheesh.

Well, I guess that's over and done with, anyway. Sometimes, I wonder if it's "fate" that I met him. What were the chances? Sure, I guess the chances of us running into each other eventually wasn't so infinitely small if he had any plans of staying in Windurst for a time, but to see me as soon as he arrived, and to recognize me Kii after all these years? Eh, the man must be crazy.

Maybe I'm just as crazy for remembering who he was. After all those years. I mean, he wasn't even my friend. (But it's kinda hard not to remember when Kii kept going on and on about him, y'know?)

Eh, I'm just being stupid, I bet.

I… I think I'm glad, though. I'm kinda glad that I dragged Kii to the consulate when he came a couple of years ago. And glad that she made friends with him. (Speaking of which, he's totally boring and way too polite. Total pushover. Good thing she had the patience to deal with him.) And I'm even glad he found me and agreed to help me with my missions (like I said, total pushover). And glad that he's agreed to take me with him.

Yeah, did I mention that? He wanted to go to Bastok to visit an old friend, so I went with him. I dunno what made me ask him to take me, really, but. Eh. I meant to leave soon, anyway, right? I know I kept saying that I would, and still didn't, but this time, I really was planning to! I left home and everything and got myself an adventurer's place so I could have a moogle take care of things and travel to other cities with me. I mean, I even visited Perih Vashai and asked for her blessings upon my journey. (Okay, so that was over a month ago. I was… er… packing!)


…I don't like Bastok. I mean, the trip there was nice (I like the sea! Even if I had to stay in the hold of the ship; I swear I'll be strong enough to go on deck someday), but the city itself… Brrrrrrrrr, it's all stone and steel and more stone and steel. A tree's a rarity. And the mines! How can someone stand being underground for so long, much less dig there all day? Sheesh. Stupid place.

And y'know what else I don't like? I. Don't. Like. Elvaans. Especially not that girl!


You shut up, you stupid voice in my head. I am not jealous. I was just trying to think like Kii. HMPH. I even healed her and everything when she was dying, so what's the problem? Geeeeeeeeez. Well, I'm glad I met him instead of Kii. Stupid tall freak would have just stolen her heart and run off with some equally tall woman of his kind. We Mithra can only trust each other in the end after all.

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