Path to Knighthood?

Vana'diel date Winter 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:06

There's gotta be some mistake.

There's gotta be some mistake.

There's gotta be some mistake.

There's gotta be some mistake.


I mean, okay, so I've been helping around San d'Oria. Why not, right? I mean, I guess elvaan aren't so bad, even if they're a bit stuffy, and they can be kinda nice in a weird, roundabout ways.

And then there was that old dude who kept asking for weird stuff, like challenging me to back a revival tree root before. Fine, wasn't too hard. So I dropped by again, and this time, he wanted me to go to some waterfall in some cave and bring back proof. It turns out he asked Jenare, too, so we went together. Apparently, Jenare's been there before.

Actually, it was kinda nice down there. Who knew they had sparkly water in some old cave? I'm kinda glad I got to see it, even if it was for some weird request. We managed to do it, anyway. Got some stalactite dew. Fancy, huh?

…And then that old dude made me a squire.


A squire.

Of San d'Oria.

Just… what. What. How. Why.


I don't waaaaaant to be a squire. That's Jenare's thing. At least he looks pleased. Sheesh.

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