Vana'diel date Spring-Summer 885
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 01:54

Nn, I've been a bit sick lately, so I haven't really gone out of my rented room. Bleh. At least they've got a bed in here. I wonder if that guy's worried. I mean, I didn't really tell him that I was going to be in here for this long. Heck, I didn't even realize how sick I felt until after I sat down, and my head just completely… well, felt like it stopped working, anyway. And it's not like I know where he lives or vice versa, and I really don't wanna go around looking for him in this condition. Probably wouldn't even recognize him even if I bumped into him.

…He probably doesn't care anyway. I shouldn't be stupid like that. Why should he care? It's his hometown. He's got family and friends here; probably went off visiting them already. And knowing him and how prim and proper he was, he's probably planning on staying here. He never actually said how far we were going, and it's not as if I'm too weak to make my way back to Windurst by myself now. I wouldn't really want to, mind, but I certainly can. I think. Hope.

Y'know, I bet this is all just a bad dream. A long, bad dream pretending to be reality. I've been sick, so I've been sleeping for a loooooong time, and that's why I feel bad now: 'cause I'm almost waking up. At any second now, Kii's going to shake me awake and tell me that she'd love to let me sleep more, but I need to drink something or I'll get dehydrated too much. I'll tell her my dream and she'll laugh, call me silly, and put me back to bed. And when I get better, we'll go fishing, and she can try to teach me to cook again. But I swear, the stove hates me or something. Sheesh. But anyway. No more pretty elfy boy who's just going to ditch me for some brainless elfy chickie once he finds out I'm not Kii. Not that I want him to stay around me anyway. No more oath that makes me feel like I have to go heal stupid reckless chits who rush headlong into death. Kii can be the white mage, and I'll protect her on her journey. We don't need anyone else; we never did. And we'll go everywhere, including Bastok and San d'Oria, and I bet they'll be so different from this stupid dream…

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