The Sound of Color

Vana'diel date March 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:19

The lost art of summoning… Did we really…?

So there was that ruby, right? And Carbuncle? And something about colors of the sky?

Well. When went outside of town, there was a voice that said something about the orange light. I mean, I didn’t see anything orange, but when we got to Tahrongi Canyon, there was a huge wind, and the voice talked about a green light. And then we figured it meant the weather: red for heatwaves, purple for thunderstorms, blue for rainstorms, yellow for sandstorms. Something like that. We were kinda missing one, though. Er, well, more than kinda, we were missing one. Turned out it was snow.

So we went up north, as if Jenare’s stupid San d’Oria isn’t cold enough already. Yeesh.

And then we almost got killed by bats.

And then, and then there was snow! If it weren’t so cold, I think I’d like it. It’s white and sparkling and beautiful.

And cold. Really, really, really cold.

I mean, how was I supposed to know the piles of snow weren’t really solid? I thought it’d be like a sand dune or something! Except, no, I fell through it. And it was cold.

Did I mention cold?

Jenare had to scoop me out. It was embarrassing! But… he was really warm…

A-anyway! The voice told us to go to La Theine Plateau, and it felt kinda nice there in comparison, and we found Carbuncle! And he wants to lend us his strength!

Actually, some of the things he said sounded really worrying. But we knew bad things were happening already, didn’t we? I mean, there’s the rise of the Shadow Lord, and unrest amongst all these monsters…

And anyway, if things are going to happen, then it’s better if we have a warning. And if we’re stronger.

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