Two Hearts

Vana'diel date Winter 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:05

Bleh. Valentione's Day already. Bunches of stupid, lovey-dovey people doing stupid, lovey-dovey things. It's even managed to ruin delicious chocolates. Haven't people learned to stop giving them to Kii and me? Sheesh.

Well. I guess it's not nearly as annoying this year, since we're in San d'Oria instead. At least that's one advantage to hanging around Jenare. Except I had to get him chocolate. So I've been learning to cook now, but even someone like him's gotta be able to tell the difference between mine and Kii's skills, right? Argh, and I didn't even know what he liked to begin with. If I'd known this would happen, I woulda paid more attention when Kii talked about him! Well, s'not like it's hard to fool him, though. I'll just buy a pack of assorted chocolates and tell him there wasn't enough time to make them. He's so gullible, he'd believe anything I say.

Urgh, that's not supposed to be a good thing! What's going to happen when he finds out? Guess I'll just have to make sure he doesn't. I'll just keep being Kii forever, that's all.

I even managed to help a whole bunch of people today! Well, "we". And I don't know if it counts as "helping", anyway. The moogles were up to something weird again, and got us to help people hook up by trading magical chocolate for them. How well is this going to work? I mean, the moogles keep getting things weird and wrong, and I'd hate to get stuck with some random person, anyway. Even Jenare seemed a bit worried!

Well, whatever, I guess. If they're happy, they're happy.

…Even if it's a lie?

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