A Fated Meeting, Again?

Vana'diel date: 878/12/23
Place: Northern San d'Oria, the Parade Grounds
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:53

It was several days before the actual Starlight Celebration day. Endahren was out, walking the streets aimlessly. He knew what caused this behavior, but didn't really feel like brooding on it too much. Thus, the walk, to attempt to clear his mind of unnerving thoughts. Ellanore was going to come for a visit two days from now.
"Endahren! Weird seeing you in this part of the city. Not going to visit the Cathedrale, I trust." The comment in a familiar voice woke him up from his attempted non-brooding. He looked around, and quickly located the white-haired youth. It was Triene Richille, one of his old friends from childhood. They hadn't seen each other in a while, they had both been too busy with their own lives, their own educations and responsibilities.
"Oh, Triene… Hullo!" He responded, not really feeling like talking. Triene appeared to be on the move with his brother, if he could place the face right. He had a younger boy with him, about equal height with Triene and with similar facial features, but with black hair instead of Triene's dirty white. What was the name again…Jenare? "Wouldn't have expected meeting you in this area, either." He eyed the black-haired boy somewhat curiously. He was waiting politely a little behind Triene, probably for them to finish their conversation. If Endahren remembered right, he had always been a bit too polite for his own good. A bit of a boring person, really.
"Mother made us promise to visit the Cathedrale today. You know I would have refused, if I could, but.." Triene grimaced in the direction of his brother. So that's how it was.
"Visiting the Cathedrale once a year to please mother will not hurt you," the boy said calmly. Endahren laughed. He didn't know why, but the comment was endlessly amusing to him.
"For sure, it will not kill him. Hurt? It might, if that expression is any indication of matters." Triene was sullenly glaring at him. Endahren tried to suppress his laughter, but couldn't loose the grin from his face.

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