A New Home, a New Port

Vana'diel date: 884/8/10
Place: Port Bastok, across the river from airship docks
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:00

"Wow, I'll never get used to these Bastokan buildings," Endahren remarked. His words echoed in the empty space of the slightly dome-shaped first floor of the building. It was a nicely sized two-floor building near the river in the port area of Bastok. You could see the river and the airship docks from the second floor balcony, neither was too far.
"You build differently in San d'Oria?" That was Calvier, Endahren's future orderling and apprentice. While he was an Elvaan, he was born and had always lived in Bastok. He was a nice enough red-hair, Endahren supposed,, although had no clue about life in San d'Oria. He would have to learn, the shop was going to sell San d'Orian specialties after all. Some customers were bound to ask about San d'Oria's food and customs besides just buying their food ingredients here.
"Most definitely. Buildings here don't seem to have any corners, for one." He eyed the circular space dubiously. How would he ever get used to living in such a place? How could any furniture be neatly arranged if most the walls in any space were rounded? "In San d'Oria, our houses are straight and sturdy. Now, I want to see the living quarters. Let's go upstairs."
"Of course. Right this way." Calvier led Endahren to the outside, where the stairs were located. The layout was quite inconvenient, Endahren thought. Even in the dead of winter - not that it ever really got very cold this far south - you would have to walk outside for a little before getting to the store. It couldn't be helped, though, they hadn't been able to secure a building with the stairs inside instead of outside. They existed, but in those the building's layout didn't give itself well for opening a store on the lower floor.
They walked in, and Endahren looked around. He supposed the place was nice enough, at least for temporarily living in. It would certainly be a change of pace. "And the furniture will arrive tomorrow?"
"Yes, if nothing goes wrong." Calvier had to check the papers he were carrying for that. Endahren thought he would have to make the boy exercise his memory a bit. Even if it was just because he was nervous, there was no excuse for not knowing such things without checking. It was fine with customers, customers appreciated if you could show black on white for what you said, but there was no need to put up a front now, not for him.
Endahren leaned on the wall next to the open balcony door and looked out. There was a lot to do in this place, hopefully enough to take his mind off of things. His treacherous mind flew back to San d'Oria and certain people in it for a moment, but he let the thoughts go immediately. For better or for worse, this would be his new home for the next year or so. Bastok had something much more important right now.

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