Cast Away From Happiness

Vana'diel date: 881/5/21
Place: Southern San d'Oria, a room in an inexpensive inn
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:58

Endahren slid his hand down Nightingale's naked back. He was sleeping, exhausted. They had known each other for over three months now. And the more Endahren thought about it, the more he was of the opinion that something was wrong in Nightingale's life.
It wasn't as if it was his business. While the two of them met regularly, they had no ties to each other beyond that. They had fun. They fooled around, spent evenings together. Sometimes, they even talked seriously. And it was those times that Endahren was the most worried. Nightingale's life up to now didn't sound too happy, even from the brief descriptions he would give Endahren. They weren't much, but they were enough for that.
Nightingale made a small sound and opened his eyes.
"Sorry, did I wake you up?"
The other buried his face in the pillow, and mumbled his reply. "Never mind that." Endahren looked at him gently and reached out to pat his hair. One thing he had learned in these three months was that Nightingale didn't like showing weakness and always tried to excuse the behavior of others.
"Rough day?"
"Maybe." Endahren sighed at the reply and drew Nightingale close to him. Something really wasn't right with the boy. He would have to look into this eventually, he couldn't just leave Nightingale to brood over this by himself. Even if they didn't really have anything beyond this, he did care of Nightingale. If he only knew how to find out what was bothering him, how to help.
He placed a kiss on Nightingale's forehead. "Let's sleep now. It'll be better come morning."

Category: Until It's Gone

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