Celebrate the Passing Years

Vana'diel date: 885/8/4
Place: Port Bastok, Endahren and Calvier's residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:06

"Older once again, Nightingale," Endahren said. He smiled at the silver-haired man who had just arrived to his and Calvier's home. It was evening, and the three had plans to go out to celebrate the day.
"You know I never age," Nightingale responded calmly, and smiled back at him. "You should be careful of what you say, you old man."
"Me? Old? Never." Endahren laughed, and patted Nightingale on the head. "Anything you want to do today?"
"Not particularly. We'll see if something comes up later."
"If you come up with anything, tell me."
It would soon be a year since Endahren had moved to Bastok, chasing after Nightingale. Endahren didn't know if they had been happier back in San d'Oria, or now here in Bastok. He guessed it didn't matter. While the relationship between the two hadn't changed, there had been other trouble to Nightingale in San d'Oria. So now they were here. Eventually, Endahren knew he had to leave, but the time wasn't yet. And a lot could happen yet.
"I got a letter from Ellanore today." Ellanore, his fiancée. He wasn't quite certain how much of the situation she understood. Nightingale knew of her for sure.
"How is she?"
"She's…left. To go adventuring. I was pretty certain she was going to end up doing that, but it's still somewhat of a shock." Nightingale nodded silently. While he did know of her, Endahren had never quite managed to figure out how he felt about her and her relationship with him. They would marry eventually, that was something Endahren had no intention of changing if Ellanore herself didn't wish it. It had been settled a long, long time ago. He felt it wouldn't be right to break it now, not after all these years.
"I had that feeling too. Adventuring fits her, somehow." Nightingale looked thoughtful. Lately he'd been doing that a lot. Endahren was starting to suspect Nightingale wanted to go out himself, find some adventures. Sometimes, he could swear it was like an epidemic. Everyone he loved would eventually leave like that.
"Hullo. I thought I heard your voice." It was Calvier, walking out from his room. "Happy birthday and all." Nightingale thanked him. The two weren't especially close, but they got along well enough. Calvier sometimes joined Endahren and Nightingale when they went out in the evenings, although most of his spare time he spent with Irene, his fiancée. Irene was a nice enough girl too, Endahren thought, but she wasn't too enthusiastic about partying. Not that he really blamed her for not joining them, if you weren't interested you weren't interested.
"Shall we go then?" The three walked out, happy enough to forget all worries for the night.

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