Chase the Rabbit

Vana'diel date: 881/7/28
Place: West Ronfaure, close to the Ranperre Gate
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:59

Endahren sat down beneath a tall tree. He was out here with Ellanore, he had volunteered to take her out to Ronfaure to practice her bow skills on. He was no soldier, but he was fairly confident that together with Ella they could hold off danger enough to retreat to a safer place, if danger even approached this close to the city. Which was unlikely in the first place, as the forest this close to San d'Oria was heavily patrolled.
He looked on as Ella walked back and forth around the small clearing. She didn't feel like resting so soon after getting out of the city for once. Her parents usually forbid her from doing things like this, but this time Endahren had talked them over. He wanted to talk to her. Or at the very least spend some time with her.
He wasn't yet too certain how he would approach the issue in his mind, if he did it at all. He had just felt the need to do something for her, probably out of guilt. She was his fiancée after all, and what did he do all day long? Pine after another person. Not that he'd ever been very faithful to the engagement, but this felt somehow more wrong to him than mere fooling around.
Ellanore walked to him and crouched down, looking determined. He looked at her, surprised of her sudden approach. "The truth, please. Why did you do this for me?"
Endahren looked away and thought. She had gotten more perceptive recently. "I think a friend of mine is in trouble. I don't know much, but…" He fell silent. Ellanore put down her bow and sat down properly.
"Why would you come to me because of it?" Endahren didn't really know it himself. Perhaps it really was the guilt.
"Perhaps as an apology. I want to help him, but I'm fairly certain it will take most of my time and energy. It's… complicated."
Ella nodded, and looked away. "It's not good leaving your friends. You should help him." She sighed. "But I still do not understand why you would need to tell me about this."
"We're engaged, Ellanore. Even if it was decided for us, I'm still supposed to get to know you. Spend time with you. And don't get me wrong - I want to do that. It's not my meaning to ignore you."
Ella stood up suddenly. "Once, you said you'd support me. There would be no reason for me to do otherwise, even if I've never stated it." She strode farther away, but Endahren still saw she was blushing. He smiled sadly. And here he was, making trouble for their lives. He hoped no one would get seriously hurt by this mess. But now that he had the permission to do so, he wouldn't let Nightingale suffer alone. He'd attempt to help, no matter what it cost him.
He stood up and walked after Ella. There were rabbits to catch.

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