First Star of Hope

Vana'diel date: 882/11/24
Place: Southern San d'Oria, the Lion Spring Square
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:59

A trickle of water ran down the sides of the Lion Spring monument. Soon, it would stop entirely for the winter. The view was slightly depressing, but Endahren stared at it, quietly humming along to the tunes of cheerful music drifting out from the Lion Spring Tavern. He needed something to do, some excuse not to look like a miserable wretch hanging around the spring. Which, in fact, he was. It was just that there was no need for anyone else to know that. He was waiting for somebody, with no courage to go inside the famous tavern himself and search him out.
The two of them had come a long way since they had first met. They of course couldn't meet too regularly, for Endahren had his own work and 'he' had his too. 'His' work took him to the villages all over San d'Oria every now and then, smiling and performing to appreciative crowds. He was waiting for Nightingale, a little-known but much appreciated bard apprentice, and one hell of a lover.
He wondered how their separation this time had changed Nightingale. Every time he came back from his travels, something had changed. Sometimes, it was something small, barely perceptible, sometimes it was something bigger. Once, he had come back and refused to meet Endahren for a whole two weeks afterwards. He had never received an explanation for that. While the two did not have what could be considered a traditional relationship, it had still hurt him. He had grown rather attached to the younger man.
"…a pirate's life for me…"
"Singing along to the songs now, Endahren? I thought you didn't do that unless drunk." Endahren looked up at the familiar voice. Shoulder-length silver hair and twinkling grey eyes, slender waist and long fingers…Nightingale was as pretty as a man was ever likely to get, Endahren thought. Aging had not yet marred that bright countenance, and something in it suggested that it wasn't likely to happen in the future either. This apparition was something otherworldly, something you could believe came straight out of those fancy tales he sung.
"Only when waiting for you. Welcome back, Nightingale." He smiled at the other, proving the sincere emotion behind the words.
"Glad to be back." The responding smile was even more sincere. It was evident that Nightingale was in a good mood, maybe in a better mood than Endahren had ever seen him in before.
"Something good happen?"
"Something," Nightingale answered secretively and smiled even more radiantly. Endahren felt breathless, having that smiled directed at him. It was a good night to be alive. It was even better when despite the likelihood of other people about their business at this hour, coming to the tavern or leaving it, Nightingale reached up and placed a kiss on his lips. "Maybe I'll tell you one time." The two hugged each other tightly under the dark starry sky. It was a good night to be alive indeed.

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