Girls Have Cooties

Vana'diel date: 868/10/2
Place: Northern San d'Oria, Merchell residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:51

It had been quite a boring week for Endahren. Father had been busy with his business. Mother, for some reason, had become very secretive. She had taken up a habit of looking at him sideways when she thought he didn't notice, and whispering something with the servant girl Clara. Arienne was busy playing with her friends as always, and yelled at him whenever he got close. Not that she didn't really have reason for that, he thought the thing with the crayfish might have been too much for her.
Nevertheless, this situation with the family left him nothing else to do but to amuse himself with his little lackeys. Not that he ever called them that to their faces. Not very often anyway. It was just amusing how some of them would do anything he suggested.
Today was set to be nothing out of the ordinary. He was thinking of going out to his gang's usual meeting place by the port when it happened.
"Endahren! Oh, there you are. Don't go anywhere now, father has something to tell you." The interruption came from his mother. Looking at her, Endahren wasn't quite certain how to react. On one hand, he was somewhat glad he wasn't being ignored anymore, but on the other hand..the recent strange look in his mother's eyes had gotten stronger. It looked like she was excited over something, but of what Endahren knew of adults, they'd get excited over the strangest things, and most of them were not good news for the kids. They usually involved a lot of sitting around and listening to old men speak.
"What is it?"
"Just come along, you don't want to keep him and Mr Delouvien waiting." Delouvien? Wasn't that the name of the leatherworker family? As he followed his mother down the hallway he thought back, trying to think why a man like that would be involved. Had he done something to his family? Not lately, at least. But the more he thought of it the more he was certain that the man in question had been around suspiciously much lately.
His mother stopped at the door to the room his father used as a study, and to handle the official business of the store. He was getting vaguely uncomfortable. Nothing good ever happened in that room.
"Now, be certain to say your greeting properly, Endahren. And be polite to Mr Delouvien, can you remember that? It's very important." Saying that, she straightened his shirt, messed with his hair, and then knocked on the door. Endahren took a deep breath. This really did sound serious. Had one of this lackeys messed up and somehow the fault had ended up on his shoulders? If so, they'd be excommunicated from his gang immediately. He didn't know exactly what 'excommunicated' meant, but it sounded vaguely menacing, a fitting punishment for someone who'd gotten him blamed for the mistakes of others.
"Ah, Endahren, there you are. We've been waiting for you." Endahren smiled politely at his father and Mr Delouvien, and made his greetings. "Good morning father, Mr Delouvien."
"Good morning, Endahren. You seem well."
"I suppose I'm well enough, Mr Delouvien." How he hated this kind of pretension. Could they not just get on with it and tell him why he was here? Thankfully, this seemed to be the extent of useless polite phrases for today.
"Sit down, son. I suppose you're wondering why you're here." That he did, and more than just wondering - how about worrying? - but he replied something noncommittal and sat down to the free chair, wondering why he was given such courtesy if this was about some mis-identified prank.
"I suppose you remember when a while ago we met Mr and Mrs Delouvien along with their youngest daughter, Ellanore." That he did remember, although he hadn't remembered the girl's name. She was just a baby, he usually didn't bother with those. They had met during the Sunbreeze Festival, and the girl had ended up wanting a goldfish. Since he had been trying to catch one at the time to beat Ari, his sister, and didn't want to be distracted by some brat's wailing, he had promised to catch one for the girl, and had even done good of that promise. But now he was confused. This didn't really sound like he was in trouble after all.
"We took note of your kind action, young man. It is rather exceptional for one so young to act so courteously." Endahren was so enchanted by the praise that he nearly missed the significance of the next part. "Considering this, your father and I started talking recently. A nice boy like you with a good inheritance shouldn't go marry just any girl. You have a responsibility, you understand that?" Mr Endahren looked at him sternly.
His father continued, "Naturally you do, don't you Endahren? Which is exactly why Mr Delouvien here offered the hand of his daughter to you. I think this is a good idea myself, it will allow both our families a more secure future, a future where we can work together with no worries."
Endahren blinked. This wasn't quite what he had been expecting. In fact, he wasn't certain just what they were talking about, so he blurted out his thoughts without thinking. "You mean, MARRY? As in, with a GIRL?!"
The expression on his father's face told him quickly enough that this wasn't quite an appropriate response to the matter. He quickly corrected himself. "Excuse me. I mean, sure, it sounds nice." He was left blinking and wondering what he had just agreed to. The two adults continued their talking, but he listened only half-heartedly, giving the occasional polite but vague affirmative, nodding his head like he was listening. They wanted him to marry that squealing baby? She couldn't even talk properly! Just what had he gotten himself into? He swore then and there not to be nice to girls ever again.

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