How to Enchant a Boy

Vana'diel date: 879/4/20
Place: Northern San d'Oria, outside Richille's Wares
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:54

As Endahren stepped out of Richille's Wares, his heart was beating fast. He had been so nervous the whole time, ever since he stepped in to the shop and saw that Jenare was on sale duty today, alone. He had thought his chest might burst from the sheer emotion. Finally, finally he had managed to talk to the boy!
His mouth felt dry and the hands holding his book package were shaking slightly. He started walking so he wouldn't attract too much attention, standing in front of the door like a fool. He had been waiting for an opportunity like this for many months, ever since late December. That was when he had met Jenare Richille briefly, first time in several years. His own reaction to the meeting had surprised him entirely. He wasn't too certain why, but he was drawn to the boy somehow, wanted to spend more time with him. The feeling was new and strange, but he welcomed it. At least it made life exciting.
He glanced down at the book he had bought. He supposed now he would have to read it. It's not like he minded reading such things, it was just that he didn't read too often. But when he did read, he read books like this, so he supposed he hadn't really lied to Jenare. And he had had for quite some time a vague meaning to read the Dragon Chronicles some day. Endahren grinned. Two flies with one hit?
And he had invited Jenare to the Rusty Anchor for the evening. Endahren felt giddy. They would meet again, after such a short time, and they would talk, talk like friends instead of acquiantances like they had just now. He would have to see to that of course, Jenare wouldn't break the polite wall between them by himself. What could they talk about? How should he behave? Would Jenare be too repelled if he tried to hold his hand? Maybe if only briefly. A small brush would do, he would be content with that. Back in the store, when he had handed over the gil for the book, their hands had touched briefly. Endahren wanted more of that, for some incomprehensible reason. And he would get it too, all he wanted was a tiny little brush after all.
Dreaming on, making plans for the night, Endahren wandered down the street, forgetting to dodge other people walking there. All he had thoughts for was the evening.

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